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TS7700 Grid To Grid Migration V1.6 User's Guide

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Takeshi Nohta
Joseph M Swingler, James Mitchell

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IBM Systems

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TS7700; TS7720; TS7740; TS7760; TS7770

Abstract: The IBM TS7700 Series is the latest in the line of tape virtualization products that has revolutionized the way mainframe customers utilize their tape resources. TS7700 was introduced in 2006, and older systems are looking to be refreshed in the field. The process of refreshing that hardware can be complex, depending on various factors, such as:
- Older levels of hardware may have limitations supported code levels
- More than three code levels are not supported in the same Grid
- Grid configurations are limited to four clusters total (or eight clusters total with approved RPQ support)
- Grid merge requires all clusters be at the same code level.

Due to one or more of these limitations, upgrading to newer hardware, which often includes grid consolidation, can be difficult to manage. In addition, workloads often need to be moved between grid configurations, whether under the same client or at times between independent clients where workloads have been acquired. Host replication through a volume copy utility can be used in these cases, but it is not ideal. Therefore, the TS7700 solution needs a more flexible method to help with hardware and workload migration.

Grid to Grid Migration (GGM) introduces a mechanism for two independent Grid configurations to intercommunicate for the purpose of replicating content from one Grid to another and addresses many of the migration issues described above. The two grid configurations rely on their existing Grid WAN/LAN networks be temporarily interconnected allowing grid volume replication techniques to copy data between grids. A volume serial or VOLSER is retained through the migration process, though host catalog and Tape Management System (TMS) updates may also be required given the volume location has changed.

The document includes the updates for R5.1 and the warning when GGM operation is terminated.
User's Guide - TS7700 Grid To Grid Migration V1.6.pdfUser's Guide - TS7700 Grid To Grid Migration V1.6.pdf




Operational Management


Enterprise Application Solutions (EAS/ERP); Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)


IBM Storage

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IBM System z Software


z/OS; z/TPF; z/VM; z/VSE


TS7700, TS7760, TS7770, TS7720, TS7740, Grid to Grid Migration

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