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IBM Tape Library Slot and Capacity Calculator 2020 v5.8

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Stefan Neff

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Technical Sales Support - Europe

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# 3573; # 3576; # 358x; # 3580; # 3581; # 3582; # 3583; # 3584; # 3592; TS1120; TS1130; TS1140; TS1150; TS1155; TS2900; TS3200; TS3310; TS3400; TS3500; TS4500

Abstract: IBM Tape Library Slot and Capacity Calculator 2020 v5.8

This updated version of the IBM Tape Library Slot Calculator will help you to calculate capacity and slot numbers for all IBM Tape Libraries, including TS3100, TS3200, TS3310, TS3500, TS4300 and the TS4500 (incl. HA support announced with R3 5/10/2016).
TS1160 has been added to the capacity tables. The TS4300 section has been reworked to support the upcoming R2.1 in Feb. 2019.
The latest version 5.8 contains various fixes.
IBMTapeLibrarySlotCalculator 2020 v5.8.xlsxIBMTapeLibrarySlotCalculator 2020 v5.8.xlsx




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Tape Library Slot and Capacity Calculator TS3500 TS4500 TS3100 TS3200 TS3310

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