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IBM Storage Tier Advisory Tool Charting Utility

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Yang SH Liu
Ping HP He

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IBM Systems

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DS8700; DS8800; DS8870; SAN Volume Controller; SAN Volume Controller SW; V7000 Unified

Abstract: Charting utility to create charts from data provided by the IBM System Storage DS8000 series Storage Tier Advisory Tool Application.

IBM System Storage DS8000/SVC/Storwize series Storage Tier Advisory Tool Charting Utility

The DS8000/SVC/Storwize include a feature called Easy Tier, which is designed to determine the appropriate tier of storage based on data access requirements and then automatically and non-disruptively move data, at the sub-volume or sub-LUN level, to the appropriate tier. This feature is designed to reduce the amount of manual effort involved. In this new dynamic environment, data movement is seamless to the host application regardless of the storage tier in which the data resides. Easy Tier provides a performance monitoring capability, regardless of whether the Easy Tier license feature is activated. Easy Tier uses the monitoring process to determine what data to move and when to move it when using automatic mode. You can enable monitoring independently (with or without the Easy Tier license feature activated) to provide information as to what behavior and benefits might be expected if automatic mode were enabled.

Data from the monitoring process is included in a summary report that you can download to a Windows® system. An application called Storage Tier Advisor Tool (STAT) allows you to parse the data and generate reports in CSV and HMTL format.

Starting from DS8000 R8.3 release, the Easy Tier CSV reports can be downloaded directly from the GUI.

This Utility will format some of the data provided and create charts.
Skew Chart - Workload activity by percentage of capacity
Movement Char - Easy Tier data movement activity
Workload Chart - Capacity utilization by extent pool (Supports both Easy Tier reports from SVC/Strowize and DS8000 releases below R9.0) Easy Tier reports from DS8000 R9.0 release and above only)

[The above utilities are tested on Microsoft Excel 16.0 on Windows and Microsoft Excel 16.29.1 on Mac.]






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Storage Tier Advisory Tool Chart Utility Application DS8870 SVC V7000

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