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DS8000 Configuration Worksheets

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Denise Luzar
Denise Luzar

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IBM Systems

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DS8880; DS8900

Abstract: The attached MS-Excel files contain the DS8000 Configuration Worksheets for configuring DS8000 systems during initial configuration. These worksheets are used by the installer to configure the IP access, company name and location, notification and remote support parameters on the DS8000.

Complete the worksheets and provide them to the IBM Support Service Representative for installation. Only one set of the worksheets need to be completed for the appropriate model of DS8000 that you are installing. The worksheets are a subset of the DS8880 Introduction and Planning Guide, GC27-8525 and the DS8900F Introduction and Planning Guide, SC27-9560.

DS8900_R9_Configuration_Worksheets.xlsxDS8900_R9_Configuration_Worksheets.xlsx DS8880_R8_Configuration_Worksheets.xlsxDS8880_R8_Configuration_Worksheets.xlsx




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