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z/OS Data Extraction Program (CP3KEXTR) for zPCR and zBNA

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Valerie Spencer
Tom Harper

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Abstract: The CP3KEXTR program reads SMF records and extracts data needed as input to IBM's Processor Capacity Reference (zPCR) and z Systems Batch Network Analyzer (zBNA) tools. CP3KEXTR is offered as a "No Charge" application.

Product Name:
zBNA and zPCR
Product Version:
07/30/2020 (v4.06)
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Version 08/03/20 (V4.06)
  1. In the dat file: add SMF 16 data and add 2 new SMF 30 fields
  2. Rework the BOOSTnn vector and add BOOSTFLA & BOOSTCLA
  3. Add a new SIISP (SIIS percent) vector and remove the EFA vector
  4. Add two new input parms: SELDAT & LIMDAT
  5. Add SMF type 16 to default TYPES= list

Version 04/14/20 (V3.95)
  1. Add 6 new vectors for EADM compression.
  2. Add 4 new vectors, E247, E252, E264, E265, with deflate information.

Version 11/27/19 (v3.94)
  1. Add RMEMP vector to report remote memory percent
  2. Add LPAR vector for System Recovery Boost period, BOOSTn=0: none, 1: zIIP, 2: Speed, 4: IPL, 8: Shutdown
  3. Add 3 vectors for LPAR Busy seconds: LPARBUSYG (GPs), LPARBUSYA (zAAPs), LPARBUSYI (zIIPs)
  4. Add DAT field S42DSEXC to indicate S42DSFL1 x'10 bit (Open for EXCP)

Version 09/04/19 (v3.91)
  1. Make adjustments to CPU MF Formulas.

Version 06/28/19 (v3.90)
  1. Add IOPBUSY & IOPCNT vectors from 78.3 data.
  2. Add HWADIB, HWADOB, HWADCT, HWAIIB, HWAIOB, HWAICT vectors from 74.9 data.
  3. Fix issue where the DAT file ORHTR field could get invalid characters.

Version 04/08/19 (v3.89)
  1. In SAVE=SORT=ALL run, fix missing CPU model identifier
  2. Remove stray quote from "TIME_ON_ZIIP" field
  3. If CMF records are present, add message to print output showing count

Version 10/10/18 (v3.87)
  1. Add run data -- Date, Time, SMF dataset, & Version to EDF, DATA, & print listing
  2. Add DAT file record type counts, D1=, D2=, D3= to EDF HEAD section
  3. Add S42DSSC Storage Class Name to DATA file
  4. Remove 15 unused EDF items
  5. Fix S0C9 divide exception associated with LPWLx & LPWIx vectors

Version 07/03/18 (v3.82)
  1. Do ChpID selection based on R744FPCM bitmask
  2. Add FIDP ChpID list (taken from R744FIDP)
  3. Delete cluster name vector, LPCL
  4. Correct instance with wrong count for: LPWLMCx and LPWLMDx
  5. Fix case where E224, E225, & E226 vectors could have the wrong count
  6. Fix CPU-type matching logic for CpuPWait calculation

Version 05/28/18 (v3.79)
  1. New CEC section vector MaxPU
  2. New 113 vectors: GHZ, E224, E225, E226
  3. New 113 vector: LPARCPU = 1/CPSP/1mil * B0/ IntSec * 100
  4. New 70(1) vectors: PAGEMB, SCMTL, SCMMA, FR1RN, FRCAM, FRL7M, CSMINV
  5. Remove unused 70(1) SWTOT item
  6. Remove unused SIO, SPAGE, SSTOR items from SAMP section

Version 04/10/18 (v3.75)
  1. Fix divide error when BCURDBR was 0
  2. Fix case where EFD vector would fail to include zero elements

Version 02/28/18 (v3.73)
  1. Add new vectors to report hardware group capping
  2. Fix 42(6) DATA file case where certain hyperlink fields were repeated
  3. Add new FCPI and PRBT vectors
  4. Detect case where type 70 CPU Data Section count is zero
  5. Add code to suppress EDF null SR parameter to space
  6. Add vector ABSMSUCP to indicate when absolute MSU capping is active

Version 12/04/17 (v3.62)
  1. Add new SMTEFFTDP vector for average thread density.
  2. Fixed case where counts were repeated in the SysId list.
  3. Make adjustments to the FICON Aggregation analysis.
  4. Adjusted the CPU MF L4LP formula.
  5. Refactored code in the cp2kExtr module.
  6. Added HyperLink and micro-second fields to DATA file.

Version 09/20/17 (v3.59)
  1. Blank DATA file ORDSENC field if encryption data is not present.
  2. Confirm presence of type 42(6) encryption fields.
  3. Remove message 273, EX72: R723CICT INVALID (WIORESPV) MSEC PER I/O > 1000.
  4. Delete unused vectors, LpwTZn, TI, TL, TT, TN,TX.
Version 08/09/17 (v3.55)
  1. Fix CF section case where key values were set to zero.
  2. Fix cache fields with invalid number of entries.
  3. Fix missing cache fields BCURDBR & BCUWRBR.
  4. Fix EDF Load failure due to incorrect EFC vector count.
  5. Fix SMF type 113 processing for z13 (message SMF113_2_CTRVN2 NOT = 1-5).
  6. Add 4 EDF “TLB Miss Rate” vectors based on type 113 counters.
  7. Update other CPU MF Formulas based on type 113 counters.
  8. Add 9 EDF vectors to CFE section with SMF 74.4 CF Encryption data.
  9. Add 8 DATA file fields with SMF 42.6 data for zBNA encryption analysis.
  10. Add 4 vectors to BCU section with SMF 74.5 Cache Control Unit data.
  11. Add a new EDF vector with updated SIIS percentage calculation.
  12. Fixed the BCUR and BCURV read percent calculations

Version 04/27/17 (v3.35)
  1. Switch five 42.6 DATA items to usec units.
  2. Rewrite the storage allocation routine.

Version 03/01/17 (v3.33)
  1. Change the z13 RNI factor from 2.6 to 2.3.
  2. Reassign 3 GetMain calls to the internal utility to fix a glitch for Phil & Jim.
  3. Change the EDF L1MP vector to 2 decimals and EFA & EFB to 3 decimals.
  4. Fix the save=sort=run processing to include type 14 & 15 records.
  5. Add a new vector PMAnn= containing SMF70PMA data.
  6. Add the SMF14NTU field to the DATA file.
  7. Fix the case where a large R744SSIZ value was getting truncated.
  8. Fix the case where a wrong SYSID was placed in the PGNMAP.

Version 10/26/16 (v3.26)
  1. Auto-generate zeros for missing vector entries.
  2. Remove use of 64-bit instruction to accommodate an older machine.
  3. Change WCDUR to be a weighted average.
  4. In the EDF FS section, fix the case where a CFLINKS value greater than 256 is truncated.

Version 08/08/16 (v3.20)
  1. To support FICON aggregation, add new PCHID item.
  2. Adjust vector SMF30CSU to use 8-byte SMF30CSU_L when available.
  3. New WORK vect R723CDUR - Period duration in weighted service units.

Version 02/16/16
Processor version code tables were updated to include the z13s.

Version 12/08/15
  1. New fields to the zBNA DATA001 output:
    S42DSIOSE Flag to indicate that S42DSIOS field is present in the SMF record.
    S42DSIOS the number of read/write operations to the Metro Mirror secondary
    S42FICON flag if there are non-zero values in either S42DSHRD or S42DSHWR
    (indicates zHPF).
  2. New LPPCSnn vector for SMF70CSF Central Storage by LPAR.
  3. Small fix for unusual 113 data.

Version 10/27/15
  1. New DATA001 field, WAITINIT, for seconds waiting to start on initiator.
  2. New field, LPWLMDnn, is the number of samples where WLM did capping.
  3. Fix for field, LPWLMCnn, is the number of samples where WLM considered capping.
  4. Fix for BCUMAP; also updated so that non Disk control unit LCUs are not combined.

Version 10/05/15
Fix for the problem when with large LPAR configurations, zIIPs are occasionally misinterpreted to be dedicated; leading to negative utilizations.

Version 09/02/15
Fixed the problem when the input file contains SMF Type 113 records from multiple generations, i.e. z13 and z12 or z196.

Version 07/07/15
  1. Includes two additional SMT vectors, SMTEFFMP and SMTEFFMC.
    • These values are zero until SMT is active.
    • SMTEFFMC will not be available until general purpose processors include SMT; for now, it is a place holder.
  2. Fixed the ESS data issue with the SMF 74 subtype 8 records.
  3. Other miscellaneous fixes.

Version 05/22/15
1. Enhanced to avoid messages regarding missing 113 problem counters.
2. Corrected the problem when the groups in the group capacity table extended to a second line.
3. When there are invalid SMF Type 14 records, they will not be included in the .dat input file to zBNA.
4. Add support for two zIIP SMT fields, SMTEFFP and SMTEFFC.
    • These values are zero until SMT is active.
    • SMTEFFC will not be available until GCPs do SMT; for now, it is a place holder.

Version 02/26/15
  • Add support for z13 CPU MF data (113 data).
  • Small change to zEC12 113 calculation.

Version 01/14/15
  • The IBM z Systems (z13) processor family has been added, with 231 General Purpose models (90 slugged and 141 full-speed) and 141 IFL models. Various drawer configurations provide up to 141 real CPs, which can be configured as General Purpose, zIIP, IFL, or ICF engines. The processor designation is 2964-7xx for full speed models, and 2964-4xx, -5xx, or 6xx for slugged models.
  • LSPR data is now based on z/OS-2.1 (formerly z/OS-1.13).
  • Fix for SMF 113 processing.
  • Add new field, FPCM, to the CF section (R744FPCM).
Hide details for CP3KEXTR Install Instructions:CP3KEXTR Install Instructions:
Please reference the “Quick Start Guide” section in the CP3KEXTR User’s Guide.
Hide details for SupportSupport
Limited Defect Support:
  • CP3KEXTR is an “as is” program; defect support is not provided via the normal IBM support structure. Instead, report problems via e-mail to:
  • Defect support will not be staffed on a 24/7 basis. Responses to defect inquiries will be made on a best effort basis but generally should be expected within 48 hours.










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