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Updates to Service Delivery Options - Providing On-demand Capabilities

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Abstract: On July 26, 2005 IBM announced a new function allowing the use of SMP/E commands to acquire PTF service for delivery over the Internet. This facility does not require ICSF, however ICSF will be used if it is already configured. IBM also announced withdrawal of some existing offerings.

A new function in SMP/E, Internet Service Retrieval, is intended to simplify the acquisition of z/OS service. This function, which supplements existing service options in ShopzSeries, is planned to be available in September 2005. Internet Service Retrieval can help eliminate manual tasks currently required for ordering and delivery of IBM PTFs using current methods.

IBM will continue to emphasize electronic rather than physical delivery of service and will continue to simplify the ordering, delivery and installation of z/OS service. To reduce the number of ordering interfaces and help assure timely delivery of new function, some older service delivery options are being simplified or discontinued:
  • Effective January 15, 2006, as previously announced in Software Announcement 205-034, dated February 15, 2005, the S/390 Service Update Facility (SUF) will be discontinued.
  • Effective March 2006, as previously announced in Software Announcement 205-167, dated July 26, 2005, new ESO and CBPDO (5751-CS8 and 5775-MVS) physical delivery subscriptions will not be accepted.
  • Effective June 2006, as previously announced in Software Announcement 205-167, dated July 26, 2005, CBPDO product orders will include service only for the products included in the order. Formerly, CBPDO product orders included service for other products licensed under the same customer number within the same SREL. To get service for other products, you can use SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval, ShopzSeries, or a fee service offering.
  • Effective June 2006, as previously announced in Software Announcement 205-167, dated July 26, 2005, Service-Only CBPDO (5751-CS3) orders will no longer be accepted. An improved option for ordering service by SREL, or for all licensed products under the same customer number, will continue to be supported in ShopzSeries. You can also get service based on what you have installed using SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval, ShopzSeries, or selected fee offerings. Note that CBPDO product orders are not affected by this change.
  • Effective September 2006, as previously announced in Software Announcement 205-167, dated July 26, 2005, existing ESO and CBPDO physical delivery subscriptions will be discontinued. You can use a job scheduling system and SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval to get service at any interval you find convenient, or use the Internet delivery subscription option available in ShopzSeries.

IBM recommends that you begin to use SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval, as announced in SMP/E V3.4 Software Announcement 205-170. The automation capabilities of SMP/E Internet Retrieval enable you to acquire service at whatever frequency you deem necessary and change the frequency as desired. Other options include ShopzSeries, or one of these worldwide fee offerings before the above changes take effect:
  • US - SoftwareXcel, Resolve
  • Europe/Middle East/Africa - Enhanced Technical Support
  • Canada - SupportLine
  • Latin America - SupportLine
  • Asia Pacific/South - SupportLine

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