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  1. To find "IBM DB2 Universal Database Data Warehouse Enterprise Edition V8.2", search for "data warehouse" (without the quotes). This may find a few hits other than yours, but should give you a relatively short list that includes the one you are looking for.
  2. Searching for "5724-H72", "L-TMAN-699M66", or "CT3I3ML" all return the same IBM WebSphere MQ program.
  3. Searching for "5724-E70" returns all the Lotus Notes/Domino version 6.x releases.
  4. To find all releases of "IBM Tivoli Storage Manager" since the start of 2004, search for "storage manager" with a date filter of "after 12/31/2003".
  5. To see all programs released since 1 April 2005, leave the search criteria blank and enter a date filter of "after 03/31/2005".
  6. To find all programs where program names include both "WebSphere" and "Linux", search for "websphere and linux".
  7. To find all releases of IBM DB2 UDB since 1 January 2005, search for "udb or universal database" with a date filter of "after 12/31/2004". Normally the fullname would be spelled out - i.e. "Universal Database" instead of "UDB" but this way you can catch it either way.