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5. Use IBM Lotus Sametime Entry provided with the Program solely and exclusively within the Program environment to support 1) integrated presence awareness and text-based instant messaging capabilities within a single Community, 2) chat logging service provider interface, and 3) the provided client plug-ins for integration with selected Microsoft applications. Licensee may not modify default settings, policies as established within the Sametime Server, or enable any additional capabilities unless Licensee has acquired a valid PoE to IBM Lotus Sametime Standard or IBM Lotus Sametime Advanced; and

6. Has all rights granted hereunder to IBM Lotus Domino Messaging Client Access License.

If Licensee has acquired a PoE to IBM Lotus Domino Enterprise Client Access License for each Authorized User that accesses IBM Lotus Notes, PoE does not include the right to:

1. Enable or use IBM Lotus Sametime Entry capabilities beyond the default settings in the Program as provided to Licensee, or as established by policy within IBM Lotus Sametime server, including without limitation, the following features and capabilities from other Lotus Sametime Programs: persistent group chat, broadcast communities, instant share, location services, mobile clients, online meetings, multiple communities, file transfers, click-to-call, click-to-conference, telephony presence, voice, video, gateway server, media manager, toolkits, APIs, plug-ins or applications built using the APIs available in the Program toolkits, except as indicated above.

IBM Lotus Domino Designer

Licensee must additionally acquire a PoE for each server that is referenced below and accessed by such users.

A valid PoE to IBM Lotus Domino Enterprise Client Access License provides the right to:

1. Use IBM Lotus Domino Designer;

2. Access IBM Lotus Domino Messaging Server, IBM Lotus Domino Enterprise Server, or IBM Lotus Domino Utility Server via IBM Lotus Notes in order to use application based on any template included in or provided with IBM Lotus Domino Messaging, IBM Lotus Domino Enterprise, or IBM Lotus Domino Utility Server, and/or any custom applications that Licensee either developed or acquired from a third party;

3. Create or modify IBM Lotus Domino applications based on:
a) Any template included in or provided with IBM Lotus Domino Messaging Server, IBM Lotus Domino Enterprise Server, or IBM Lotus Domino Utility Server, and/or
b) Any custom application that Licensee either developed or acquired from a third party, subject to the terms and conditions of any license agreement accompanying such third party applications; and

3. Use IBM Lotus Domino Global Workbench to create multilingual Lotus Domino applications.

Managed I.T. Services

Licensee may elect to have Licensee's I.T. services managed solely for Licensee's benefit by a third party; however, as the licensee, Licensee remain responsible for compliance with all terms and conditions, including but not limited to the acquisition and maintenance of a sufficient number of licenses as described in this License Information document. Licensee may not assign, transfer, delegate or sublicense any of Licensee's rights or obligations, in whole or in part, to such third party without the express written permission of IBM.

OEM Programs

If Licensee acquired the Program preloaded on a computer as part of Licensee's purchase of the computer ("OEM Program"), then Licensee may not transfer such OEM Program (or any accompanying disks) for value separately from the computer.

Any other documentation with respect to these licensed Programs, including without limitation any such documentation referenced herein and any marketing collateral, is provided for information purposes only and does not extend or modify the terms contained in this License Information.

The Program includes IBM 'LanguageWare' technology and components ("LW Code"), which the Licensee is authorized to install and use solely in association with the Licensee's licensed use of the Program.

The Licensee is not authorized to use such LW Code for any other purpose, or to transfer or remarket any LW Code. Specifically, the Licensee is not authorized to use any LW Code feature directly and the Licensee may only use LW Code through the documented features, APIs and tools provided by the Program.

If the Licensee wishes to license the LW Code for any use beyond the limits set forth above (including exploiting the entire feature and customization capabilities), please contact an IBM Sales Representative or the party from whom the Licensee acquired it to obtain the appropriate full licenses.