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No IBM Cloudscape components may be used separately from the embedded Program, or for any other purpose, or in support of any other programs. If Licensee wishes to license IBM Cloudscape for any use beyond the limits of this license, please contact an IBM sales representative to obtain the appropriate licenses.

DISABLING DEVICE: The embedded Program may include a disabling device that will prevent certain features from being used. Licensee will not tamper with such disabling device or otherwise change the embedded Program.

MULTIPLE COMPONENT VERSIONS: The media for the embedded Program may include multiple versions of the same embedded Program component, such as versions designed for different operating systems and versions translated into different languages. Each Proof of Entitlement for the embedded Program authorizes Licensee to use a single version of the embedded Program component. Licensee is not authorized to use multiple versions of the same embedded Program component under the same Proof Entitlement, even if multiple versions of a component are included on the media for the embedded Program.

UNLIMITED COPY COMPONENT: Licensee is authorized to install and use an unlimited number of copies of the Administrative Scripting Program component on any of Licensee's machines to support Licensee's authorized use of the other components of the embedded Program.

HP-UX Java RTE: The embedded WebSphere Application Server may include HP-UX Java RTE software as separately licensed code, which is licensed to Licensee under the terms of the HP-UX license agreement and not those of this Agreement. In no event can the HP-UX Java RTE software be modified or redistributed a part from the embedded WebSphere Application Server or used for any purpose other than running the embedded WebSphere Application Server into which the HP-UX Java RTE software is incorporated.

Rational Team Concert - Access Solely by Internal Components of Program

This Program includes an edition of IBM Rational Team Concert (the "RTC Edition"), which is subject to the following restriction. The RTC Edition included with the Program may only be used by the internal components of the Program. Except as expressly stated above, the RTC Edition may not in any circumstances be used and/or accessed by Licensee.


The Program includes the following Stellent component: Content Access. Licensee is authorized to use this component solely in conjunction with Licensee's authorized use of the Programs.