Maximo Health, Safety and Environment Manager

IBM Maximo Health、Safety & Environment (HSE) Manager 是一种综合可定制的解决方案,帮助企业打造安全而高效的运营环境。

IBM® Maximo® HSE Manager 提供了集成健康、安全和环境流程与工作和资产管理的基本企业平台。


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Features, advantages and benefits
Incident Management Provides a central application for reporting all incidents spanning work, personnel, safety, health, and environmental areas. Allows companies to consistently associate incidents to related assets, locations, people, impacted areas and organizational-wide issues for improved analysis and trending. Maximo’s power workflow, business rules and resource management can automatically assign personnel to address urgent issues, automatically associate the incident to other related issues and escalate for root cause analysis, solution planning, and service resolution.
Investigations Supports all manner of investigations to analyze recurring incidents or defects when Root Cause Analysis or After Action Review is required. Provides complete traceability into historical incidents, defects, work orders, earlier corrective actions and solution or virtually any other type of HS&E activity such as impact assessment, root cause analysis, lessons learned, etc.
Change Management Full management of change process capabilities integrated with investigations, incidents, work management and other applications. Provides transparency and visibility across operations, safety, maintenance, and engineering of all types of changes; including safety plans, environmental controls, mechanical, operating procedures, and maintenance job plans. Offers well structured, controlled process for planning, reviewing, approving, and implementing changes which will ultimately improve communications and collaboration, drive more efficient operations and ensure safer working conditions and operational compliance.
Non-Conformance Management Safety and reliability depend to a great extent on conformance to policy, engineering standards, regulatory requirements, and specification and parameters that have been tested, proven safe and approved. Provides non-conformance management capabilities designed to automate, manage, and streamline for identifying, evaluating, reviewing, and handling of non-conforming engineering specifications, materials, components, parts and processes.
Regulatory Compliance Demonstrates efforts to comply with health safety and environmental statutes. Requirements apply to assets and equipment in certain locations, and having work procedures in place to demonstrate, manage, evaluate and ensure compliance is a better practice. Identifies regulatory compliance against assets and locations, and associates job plans and work orders to these regulations to ensure compliance – significantly reducing the costs associated with compliance.



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