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Tivoli Advanced Catalog Management for z/OS

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Features, advantages and benefits
Auditing and diagnostic tools Identify potential errors before they cause a failure Avoid downtime, ensure high service levels, drive business resiliency
Error-detection tools Speed and simplify diagnostic activities Increases productivity of users enabling them to detect errors sooner, thereby contributing to high service levels
Easy-to-use interface Enables users to quickly and easily view and manage their catalog environment Increases productivity by providing rich funtional capabilities and centralized catalog management
Rapid synchronization of catalogs with data Speeds recovery time by allowing users to clean hundreds of thousands of catalog entries in minutes instead of days or hours Optimizes business resilience and disaster recovery operations
Simulate commands before execution Helps to prevents errors Helps to avoid downtime and ensure high service levels
Integration with Tivoli Enterprise Portal (TEP) Provides graphical user interface making it easier to view information, be alerted to situations and take corrective action Helps avoid system outages
Integration with Omegamon XE for Storage using the Tivoli Enterprise Portal (TEP) Provides seamless integration with related catalog management and administration capability making it easier to diagnose application problems whose roots may lie in catalog issues Helps avoid system outages

Business benefits

IBM Tivoli® Advanced Catalog Management for z/OS is designed to provide vital data protection and help increase data availability. It enables IBM Tivoli Monitoring users to view catalog information and initiate catalog functions from a single GUI via integration with the Tivoli Enterprise Portal (TEP).

In a mainframe environment, delivering fast, reliable access to critical information around the clock is essential. Imagine customers being unable to use an automated teller machine (ATM) system, or an insurance company not being able to send healthcare information to providers. For companies that rely on IBM z/OS® processing environments, catalogs are the fundamental back-end structures that contain critical details to help people and applications locate information in IT systems.

Managing catalogs effectively is vital to protecting your key data assets and driving resilience. With IBM Tivoli Advanced Catalog Management for z/OS software, you can protect the integrity of your critical catalogs and avoid being caught off guard. Tivoli Advanced Catalog Management for z/OS helps identify potential errors before they cause a failure — and helps reduce outage times if a failure occurs.




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