Advanced compilers for integrating PL/I applications with modern web technologies

IBM® PL/I Compilers provide open solutions to help you exploit network middleware while developing and managing scalable, web-based applications. These cross-platform compilers support IBM z/OS®, IBM MVS™, VM, VSE and IBM AIX® operating systems. They allow you to use existing PL/I code to upgrade your applications with modern technologies..

Product editions :

Enterprise PL/I for z/OS: Generates code that takes advantage of the latest z/Architecture features to create the best possible performing PL/I applications. Enterprise PL/I for z/OS also supports the latest versions of IBM middleware such as CICS, IMS, and DB/2.
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PL/I for AIX: Software that is optimized to integrate with middleware, such as IBM TXSeries and IBM DB2®, on IBM AIX operating systems.
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PL/I for MVS & VM: A compiler that provides interlanguage communication, common services and common functions to enhance applications on MVS and VM operating systems.
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PL/I for VSE: Software that supports multiple-language development and use of reusable components in building PL/I applications on VSE systems.
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