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Are you struggling to drive innovation and deliver more services on a flat or reduced IT budget? Are the costs of maintaining your existing applications preventing you from meeting new requirements?

As a cornerstone of Smarter Computing, the IBM enterprise modernization approach is one of continuous improvement that enables you to revitalize applications, leverage existing and new skills, unify teams and optimise your infrastructure -- all with the goal of helping you make breakthroughs in IT productivity, efficiency and innovation.

Enterprise modernization solutions can help you cost effectively and incrementally evolve your core IT systems towards modern architectures and technologies for Smarter Computing. As a result you can leverage your existing investments, reduce maintenance costs and efforts and free-up resources to deliver new business requirements and create new, innovative capabilities that help you compete.

IBM enterprise modernization solutions provide you with the capability to:

Real results

Trustmark National Bank (US) needed to modernize its mainframe applications and give clients the Internet banking they expected -- but without rewriting program code. Enterprise Modernization capabilities from IBM helped Trustmark leverage Leveraging its original investment in reliable, business-tested applications, the company avoided the expense, time and risk of recoding while helping staff work faster and smarter.

At Cothern Computer Systems (US), developers can use a single familiar development environment for work on multiple servers and multiple languages. A familiar Eclipse interface improved productivity by 20 percent in just a week. Code is checked as it’s written using compile error feedback functionality, so code errors are seen immediately.

Explore IBM enterprise modernization solutions in detail

Application modernization

Modernization approaches and techniques to transform business critical systems into flexible applications and services.

Multiplatform development

Integrated development and test environment to build and deploy multi-platform applications for System z, zEnterprise and Power Systems.

Application lifecycle management

Coordinate the flow of people, processes and information across an iterative cycle of software delivery activities.


Boost performance, productivity and cost savings with IBM’s latest compilers for System z and Power Systems.

Get more value - modernize, extend and reuse existing assets

Modernize and streamline the design, development and deployment of multiplatform applications including z/OS, AIX, IBM i, Linux and Windows.

Featured enterprise modernization products

  • Rational Asset Analyzer family

    An application discovery and analysis tool for improving your understanding and insight into relationships within and among mainframe and composite applications.

  • Rational Developer for System z family

    The premier IDE for creating platform independent services and for building traditional and composite applications, including IBM CICS, IMS, COBOL, PL/I, Java, EGL, Web, Web 2.0, and XML-based applications.

  • Rational Developer for Power Systems Software

    A comprehensive development environment for creating and maintaining applications on IBM AIX and IBM i, including C/C++ and COBOL applications on AIX and RPG, COBOL, CL, and DDS applications on IBM i.

  • Rational Host Access Transformation Services (HATS)

    Quickly transform your 3270 and 5250 green screen applications to intuitive Web, portlet, rich client or mobile device user interfaces, and extend 3270, 5250, and VT green screens as standard Web services.

  • Rational Team Concert

    A unified and collaborative multiplatform team infrastructure including support for System z, IBM Power Systems and distributed systems to help streamline the entire application development and deployment life cycle across all operating environments.

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White paper

Enterprise modernization: A Rational approach.


Sandboxes are not just for kids! Playing in a sandbox has never been more rewarding.

ROI calculator

Rational Developer for System z ROI calculator.

Case study

Atos Origin Optimises Workloads on IBM System z using EGL realize a 55 percent reduction in operating costs.

ROI Calculator

Rational Developer for Power Systems Software calculator.

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Saleem PadaniSaleem Padani, Enterprise Modernization Marketing Manager

The thought of modernizing enterprise systems can be overwhelming. Smarter software from IBM lets you tackle the problem in ways that make sense for your business. Establish an IT environment that is integrated, optimised and collaborative. Find the four key areas to free up resources and improve how IT and your business operate.

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