Advanced case management

Optimise case outcomes with information, process, and people

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Advanced Case Management from IBM unifies information, processes and people to provide a 360-degree view of the case. Using enhanced yet proven capabilities, Advanced Case Management helps companies optimise outcomes by extracting more value out of their information -- whether that's a customer request, loan application or complex industry or regulatory procedure. By automating the right processes, applying the right analysis and involving the right people, you can create the best case outcome.

The Advanced Case Management strategy and solutions from IBM are designed to deliver key case management improvements: insight, responsiveness, flexibility, better customer service and regulatory compliance.

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IBM has a long track record of delivering case management solutions. The IBM Advanced Case Management strategy responds to industries in need of a smarter, more integrated way to handle their growing, increasingly complex caseloads and shrinking resources. Using leading solutions and proven best practices, IBM is equipped to assist organisations with almost any case management scenario, in nearly any domain.

With thousands of customers leveraging business process management to solve case management problems and hundreds of partners delivering case-style solutions, IBM has deep experience and success in this area.

Advanced Case Management by IBM uniquely leverages important IBM technologies to deliver the benefits required by knowledge workers and case business owners, including:

IBM Advanced Case Management uses several capabilities to help drive more successful, optimised case outcomes. In addition to content and process management, it relies on advanced analytics, business rules, collaboration and social software. Moreover, advanced case management solutions help capture industry best practices in frameworks and templates to empower business users and accelerate return on investment.

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    Optimises case outcomes with information, processes and people.

  • Case Foundation

    Builds workflow solutions for content and case-centric processes

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