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Helps reduce rework and accelerate time to market by collaborating with your stakeholders. Increase productivity by controlling and managing changes to requirements. Minimise cost and risk by measuring the impact of changes as they occur, and Demonstrating compliance by ensuring full traceability of requirements.

Featured requirements management products

  • Rational DOORS

    Rational DOORS

    Requirements management, traceability, and impact analysis capabilities for more formal, rigorous requirements engineering purposes, primarily suited to organisations creating manufactured systems and products.

  • Rational DOORS Next Generation

    Rational DOORS Next Generation

    The next generation requirements management tool for embedded and complex systems built on jazz platform.

  • Rational Requirements Composer

    Rational Requirements Composer

    Requirements management and definition using a collaborative approach, enabling stakeholders and IT teams anywhere in the world to provide input, get clarity, achieve consensus faster, and adapt to changes quickly.


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Ten steps to better requirements management.


Respond to changing requirements with lower cost, greater returns and better quality.

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Reducing rework through effective requirements management.

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Learn more about managing your requirements effectively

  • DOORS=Success: Experts discuss why they rely on IBM Rational DOORS for managing requirements

    Join us for a customer panel discussion where experts in top companies from across various industries discuss why they consider IBM Rational DOORS the best tool for managing requirements in their projects.
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  • Building a medical device tricorder!

    This podcast discusses the regulatory compliance considerations and the key product development lifecycle practices that are needed to build Smartphone-based medical devices.
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  • Applying requirements to the lifecycle development

    Projects that lack requirements quickly fall into many of the typical traps of common project failure. Learn how requirements improve the complete development lifecycle.
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  • Ten steps to better requirements management

    Your cheat sheet to managing requirements effectively and efficiently.
    Download the whitepaper

  • Business analyst ekit

    Resources empowering business analysts to improve communication, move faster, and provide clarity for teams and stakeholders in their organisations.
    Download the ekit

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