IBM Kenexa has taken a revolutionary step in talent acquisition, offering comprehensive and integrated recruiting software and solutions that are rooted in behavioral science and designed to attract, engage, hire and onboard the right talent. Coupled with strategic services and processes, these solutions incorporate precision into the equation, helping to remove guesswork from the recruitment process. You will be better equipped to predict fit, engagement and performance before you hire.

You can also foster employee learning and performance by implementing a recruitment strategy for hiring the talent that can to help grow your business. IBM Kenexa talent acquisition solutions provide the tools for hiring new employees like “your best”. These streamlined hiring efficiencies help to accelerate the new hire time to productivity and engagement, while providing a positive experience for candidates.

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IBM Kenexa Talent Acquisition Solutions

Recruitment has become marketing. The IBM Kenexa Talent Acquisition Suite is an integrated suite of recruitment solutions augmented by proven consumer marketing tools and practices to help you build proactive talent pools of best-fit talent.

IBM talent acquisition solutions harness the integrated power of industry-leading software, sciences and social strategies for gaining valuable insights that lead to successful matching of employee and job roles. IBM’s strategic acquisition solutions and services include:

  • IBM Kenexa Skills Assessments

    IBM Kenexa Skills Assessments

    A faster, more effective method for managing large talent pools to determine if the skills for a specific job role are met.

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