Today's empowered customers use multiple channels to engage with and purchase from retailers. Together with the growth in shopper data, this presents new challenges for retailers to solve. In this environment they need sophisticated merchandising solutions to make decisions that will maximize sales, profit and shopper loyalty.

IBM omni-channel merchandising solutions make it possible for retailers to blend the art of experience, taste and judgment with optimization science and advanced analytics. By combining these approaches, retailers can more intelligently determine the most desirable and profitable products, prices, promotions and markdowns.

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    Learn how leading retailers are optimizing their merchandising strategies across channels.

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    See the opportunities that retailers can pursue through omni-channel merchandise optimization.

Featured omni-channel merchandising offers

Achieve price and channel convergence

Balance shopper price intelligence with omni-channel and price optimization for increased profitability.

Optimize merchandising across channels

Deliver optimal localized assortments and competitive pricing strategies that improve customer loyalty, sales and profit.

Maximize sales, profit and shopper loyalty

Make optimal merchandising decisions to address the multiple channels used by today’s customers.

Calculate the value of lifecycle price optimization

See how optimization technologies help retailers make the right base, promotional and markdown pricing decisions.

IBM omni-channel merchandising solutions help retailers make optimal merchandising decisions across channels. These solutions can be used to make better predictive and prescriptive assortment, price, promotion and markdown decisions.

Featured omni-channel merchandising products

  • IBM Price Optimization

    IBM Price Optimization

    Helps retailers optimize prices across channels to achieve sales, volume, profit and price image goals.

  • IBM Promotion Optimization

    IBM Promotion Optimization

    Enables retailers to determine the optimal promotions for meeting merchandising and marketing objectives.

  • IBM Markdown Optimization

    IBM Markdown Optimization

    Enables retailers to plan and optimize pricing, profit and inventory levels for merchandise leaving the assortment.

  • IBM Deal Management

    IBM Deal Management

    Enables retailers and manufacturers to automate and streamline their trade promotions processes.

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