Successful organizations understand that business content matters more than ever as mobile, social and cloud technologies transform their business models. They are discovering new value with business content solutions that bring the power of analytics, process optimization and collaboration to all forms of content to achieve greater degrees of insight and customer engagement.

See for yourself how IBM enterprise content management solutions use analytics to provide access to content for the right people at the right time to help make better decisions.

Featured enterprise content management solutions

IBM enterprise content management solutions capture, transform, deliver and govern content in context using the following practices:

  • Content management and imaging

    Content management and imaging

    Captures and manages content to provide access on any device for speed of execution.

  • Advanced case management

    Advanced case management

    Activates content and incorporates it into business processes to enhance efficiency, reduce errors and improve responsiveness to customers.

  • Information lifecycle governance

    Information lifecycle governance

    Analyzes information and applies policy consistently across your organization to lower cost and risk while increasing the value of your data.

Featured enterprise content management offers

Measure economic risks

Learn how IBM Case Manager helps to improve efficiency, create new opportunities and reduce risk.

Cloud and mobile content collaboration

Find a cloud and mobile content system that can boost your collaboration and productivity.

Rapid access to key information

See how IBM solutions help to give an insurance company rapid, mobile access to key information.

Get started with information governance

See how other companies are using IBM StoredIQ to understand data.

Organizations in all industries need solutions that can help employees move away from paper, focus on what’s important, and have the right content when they need it to make the right decisions. Successful companies are transforming their businesses with solutions that capture, protect, activate, analyze and engage business content to drive growth, profitability and improve the customer experience.

Featured products

  • IBM Case Manager

    IBM Case Manager

    Optimizes case outcomes using information, processes and people.

  • IBM Content Foundation

    IBM Content Foundation

    Provides full content lifecycle and document management for expansive enterprise content management solutions.

  • IBM Content Manager OnDemand

    IBM Content Manager OnDemand

    Provides high-performance electronic statement retrieval and enterprise report management.

  • IBM Datacap

    IBM Datacap

    Automates data extraction from documents to reduce cost and accelerate process efficiencies.

  • IBM Daeja ViewONE

    IBM Daeja ViewONE

    Provides a modular, extensible and powerful document viewer solution.

  • IBM Navigator

    IBM Navigator

    Enables content sharing and collaboration across web and mobile devices.

  • IBM StoredIQ

    IBM StoredIQ

    Applies effective governance on unstructured information to address retention, risk and e-discovery needs.

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Providing a differentiated value

Doug Hunt. General Manager. Enterprise Content Management. IBM (YouTube, 00:01:12)

Discover how to harness the power of content and apply it to each business process.

2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant

  • Learn why IBM enterprise content management solutions are in the leader quadrant.

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