IBM Archive Manager for z/VM lets you archive and later recall historical or other infrequently used data. It helps to increase data availability and to comply with business requirements mandated by fiscal or legal regulations and policies.

IBM Archive Manager for z/VM:

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Archive Manager for z/VM resources

Archive Manager for z/VM V1.1 runs on hardware that meets the minimum specifications of the supported operating environment. All prerequisites and corequisites for these products apply. The products listed here are supported only while service is available for those products.

Operating System Software Hardware
z/VM z/VM V5 (5741-A05) R4, with SFS IBM z Systems

z/VM V6 (5741-A07) R2, or later, with SFS For archiving to tape, a tape device supported by CMS that handles a block size of 65,535 bytes is required

Library for REXX on zSeries (5695-014), or Alternate Library for REXX on zSeries (free download)

The following materials are available for Archive Manager for z/VM:

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Archive Manager for z/VM resources