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IBM® Rational® DOORS® is a family of requirements definition and requirements management solutions. Rational DOORS allows you to capture, trace, analyze and manage changes to information, while demonstrating compliance to regulations and standards.

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Rational DOORS Web Access: Extends Rational DOORS with web interface that enables stakeholders to create, view, edit and discuss requirements.

Rational DOORS family resources

Webcast: DOORS=Success: Experts discuss why they rely on IBM Rational DOORS for managing requirements
Join us for a customer panel discussion on why they consider IBM Rational DOORS the best tool for managing requirements.

Find practical requirements management resources to help drive project success.


Getting it right the first time: 3 ways requirements management can help you save time and money

You can enter a house through a window, but why not just open a door? If you are still using documents and spreadsheets for requirements management, you could be wasting time and money resolving information differences, missed features and functions, and unnecessary development. Learn how to achieve information transparency, improved collaboration and increased traceability with IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation.

Unifying requirements and design with a simplified requirements analysis workflow

Change is inevitable. The success or failure of product and system development often hinges on the ability to respond quickly to customer, business or market requirements changes. Learn how utilizing a new workflow provided by the Rational Solution for Systems and Software Engineering simplifies the way that systems engineers and software developers can trace requirements to design information.

Achieving sustainable requirements across the supply chain with Rational DOORS

In this webcast you will learn how your investment in requirements can be sustained across your tool chain, supply-chain and your future requirements management needs.

Best practices in managing requirements in Energy and Utilities industries

Requirements engineering is the cornerstone to successful systems and software development. It becomes even more important when it comes to industries like power and energy sectors. In this webcast, Paul Fechtelkotter Segment Leader for Energy & Utilities sector at IBM and a veteran in the domain walks you through the best practices in managing requirements in a high compliance driven industry like energy sector drawing from personal, IBM's and its client's experiences.


Work Smarter with IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation

Poor requirements management is among the significant contributing factors in the failure of a project. Improper requirements management can lead to disconnected teams, wasted time, out-of-control costs and unsatisfied customers. If you use documents, spreadsheets, emails, wikis and other conventional office and productivity tools to keep track of your business, customer or product requirements, you could be putting your project at risk. With proper requirements management solution implementation, development costs can be reduced by up to 57%, time to market accelerated by up to 20%, and cost of quality lowered by up to 69%.

Role of requirements in systems engineering lifecycle

In this podcast, we discuss about how organizations can expand the value of requirements when they collaborate with colleagues from other disciplines. As the systems become complex, collaboration and a communication platform becomes very critical. Requirements, being the foundation stone, Systems Engineering organizations need to consider requirements driven development and quality management.

The future of requirements in agile product development

Companies are increasingly looking to agile methods to cut risk, improve quality and increase flexibility in complex product development. But how do you handle requirements in this brave new world of user stories, backlogs, iterations and burn down? In this podcast Dr. Keith Collyer discusses how requirements management and traceability must evolve as vital aspects of agile systems engineering and software development processes.

Applying requirements to the lifecycle development

Listen to the podcast about how requirements improve the complete development life cycle along with the best practices of managing requirements effectively.

Meeting your FDA design control needs with requirements and change management

Bring smarter medical devices products to market with an integrated solution across the product development lifecycle. This podcast will discuss approaches to make that possible.


Improve requirements management with IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation

Watch the Video Improved agility. Better collaboration. More attention to business and customer needs. IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation brings you a smarter way to manage requirements and build the product that meets your needs.

IBM Rational DOORS and requirements management at Raytheon

Watch the VideoRaytheon creates large, complex products for its customers, so it must get the requirements for those products right. IBM Rational DOORS provides them with the traceability, scalability, and extensibility that they need.

Better requirements. Enhanced business agility. Fast ROI.

Watch the VideoEmerging Health Information Technology has improved care while controlling costs through better requirements management tooling and processes. The use of Rational DOORS in their delivery process has enabled fast ROI and increased time-to-market speed.

White papers

Ditch the documents and spreadsheets - Manage requirements efficiently and more accurately with IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation

Using productivity tools for requirements management is like using a hammer to open a bottle. It gets the job done, but at what cost? IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation offers effective requirements management capabilities by including the ability to capture relationships and manage dependencies.

Ten steps to better requirements management

Requirements definition and management is an activity that can deliver a high, fast return on investment. This white paper explains the characteristics of a good requirement and presents ten steps to better requirements management.

Five key areas for accelerating automotive innovation

Learn how to manage the increasing automotive product complexity with a comprehensive development approach.

ISO 26262 compliant usages of IBM Rational DOORS in safety critical E/E-projects

This white paper summarizes most of the ISO 26262, CMMI and SPICE requirements and matches them with the capabilities of IBM Rational DOORS. It describes the changes required in the development support structure to ensure adherence to these standards.

Reducing the risk of development failure …with cost-effective capture and management of requirements

A leading analyst, David Norfolk of Bloor Research provides his analysis & thoughts on the discipline of requirements management & discusses how managing requirements is the enabler for success & how it continues to play a role in satisfying the emerging focus on regulatory requirements.

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