Manage and monitor your cross-enterprise systems

IBM® Tivoli® OMEGAMON® DE for z/OS® is a systems management integration tool

It enables you to see information from a wide variety of tools in one location, from multiple OMEGAMON XE monitors as well as third-party software.

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Tivoli OMEGAMON DE on z/OS

Подписка и техническая поддержка в течение первого года входит в стоимость программного обеспечения IBM.

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Features, advantages and benefits
Combine information from multiple OMEGAMON XE monitors in a single workspace for an integrated resource view Correlate transactions across mainframe and distributed environments Enables you to quickly identify the source of application problem in a heterogeneous environment
View information from multiple applications and monitors to understand the business impact of your performance and availability issues Quickly determine whether system performance problems are affecting high-priority applications Designed to help you meet and exceed service levels by proactively managing business-critical applications
The Physical Navigator allows for a simple drag-and-drop method to define all your resources and components, allowing you to manage and monitor them as a single entity in support of an application For example, you can easily create a management workspace for a Web and mainframe-based application that includes a specific instance of a WebSphere® Application Server, a WebSphere MQ queue manager, a CICS® AOR and a DB2® instance Managing components in context of an application provides a comprehensive view of the application's health and availability
Graphic maps and icons can be easily integrated into management workspaces enabling a quick and easy view of enterprise resources and applications, along with a status indication of the availability of those components Can be used to create a global view of your data centers or a detailed system topology map of your local environment Background maps are especially useful to give you a quick visual indication of where problems exist in a geographically dispersed enterprise monitoring environment
Policy management/workflow editor is a graphic editor enabling you to create logic-based response and actions for raised events Goes beyond the simple reflex automation capabilities of just issuing a command in response to an event. You can define a series of actions, responses, additional actions to handle complex situations. Policy management/ workflow editor allows you to quickly create automated responses to complex situations, enabling automated operations

Business benefits

IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON® DE on z/OS® provides information from numerous monitors in a single pane of glass. Tivoli OMEGAMON DE on z/OS is a systems management integration tool for IT staff and management, who need to understand the business impact of system events in their enterprise. Tivoli OMEGAMON DE on z/OS allows you to see information from a wide variety of tools in one location, from multiple OMEGAMON XE monitors, as well as third-party software. This is designed to help you make decisions more quickly, efficiently and proactively on an enterprise level.

With Tivoli OMEGAMON DE on z/OS, you can easily build application views so you can see what is going on with applications as they use resources across the network. This includes applications that run across multiple platforms. You can then quickly locate the source of a problem affected by high-priority applications.


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