Identifica automaticamente dados críticos do aplicativo, gerencia backups e fornece trilhas de auditoria

O IBM Tivoli® Advanced Backup and Recovery para z/OS® fornece backup e recuperação confiáveis e precisos para dados do aplicativo nos sistemas z/OS e backups de faixas para trilhas de auditoria.

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Tivoli Advanced Backup and Recovery for z/OS

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Features, advantages and benefits
Automated critical data identification Automates the task of identifying critical input and output files and creates a critical file list that can be used almost immediately to create a synchronized application backup or used for identifying data for remote backup or mirroring Faster, more accurate backups and mirroring increases system operator's productivity
ABARS manager Uses a single data mover and intelligent automated features to create synchronized application backups for both local and offsite recovery and allows for recovery by criticality at the recovery site Helps get most critical applications up first reducing downtime for end-users after an outage
Critical backup tracking and inventory Tracks and inventories backups and provides visibility to all backups as well as what is backed up and what is not Allows system operators to determine quickly if backup processes have captured required data needed for a successful recovery

Business benefits

Tivoli Advanced Backup and Recovery for z/OS offers functionality, flexibility and choice to automate manual, time consuming tasks by identifying critical data assets, automate the backup of those assets and provide a centralized inventory of all backups including Advanced Catalog Management backups. These features enable customer environments to quickly recover from local, unplanned outages or recover their entire z/OS environment offsite while saving crucial time and money.

Functionality provided includes the following:


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