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Download WebSphere MQ Advanced for developers at no charge. Download now.

Download WebSphere MQ Advanced for developers at no charge
Download now

Is your business capturing insights from millions events across centralized channels and turning them into intelligent business opportunities? What if you could harness the power of these events in real time for greater business outcomes?

There are a multitude of interconnected mobile devices and billions of sensors and systems of sensors talking to each other taxing our already complex enterprise Information Management systems. The successful companies will be those creating a messaging strategy that incorporates latent listening capabilities and scale, while providing loose coupling to enable flexibility across front and back office systems to truly achieve continuous insights.

IBM messaging areas:

  • Enterprise Messaging

    Connect your applications and services within the Enterprise, then extend out to the world of mobile with our Enterprise Messaging servers

  • Mobile Messaging & M2M

    Messaging capabilities for Mobile devices such as iOS and Android phones and tablets in addition to machine to machine telemetry & sensor based scenarios

  • WebSphere MQ

    WebSphere MQ provides a complete universal messaging backbone, enabling rapid, reliable, and secure transport of messages and data between applications, systems, and services.

  • IBM MessageSight

    IBM MessageSight supports large scale connectivity to mobile devices, machine to machine & telemetry scenarios, offering new levels of performance. Fully integrated with WebSphere MQ.

  • WebSphere MQ Advanced

    WebSphere MQ Advanced delivers a single Integrated Universal Messaging solution providing capabilities for messaging, managed file transfer functions, advanced message security capabilities and lightweight messaging Mobile and M2M.

Messaging TV: Demonstrations and presentations

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Mothercase using WebSphere MQ

Worklight example speed test run with MQTT over HTML5 WebSocket

IBM and M2M, MessageSight, Worklight and InfoSphere Streams demo

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