Business analytics

Make informed and optimized decisions everywhere, to improve
outcomes and manage risk.

Become analytics-driven and achieve breakthrough results

By distilling information from data, your organization can improve its service provision to customers, operate more efficiently and become more profitable. This may concern data from internal or third-party systems, websites or social media. Business analytics allows you to link and intelligently filter all this big data and make it easily accessible for all departments and employees.

This means every level of your organization will have the right insights to make successful decisions. It also allows you to make accurate predictions. Rather than basing yourself on the past, you will be able to look ahead and determine the direction you must take to achieve the best results. As recent studies show, organizations that apply analytics outperform their peers. Just look at their financial results: up to 1.6X revenue growth, 2X EBITDA growth and 2.5X stock price appreciation.*

Business analytics offers you new possibilities in a variety of areas.

Business Analytics Capabilities

Generate greater value for your customers, partners and shareholders by improving the integration of your value chain and business processes, while managing them using real-time actions. Based on a 360 degree overview of your customers, you will be able to determine the next step towards achieving optimal customer interaction.

Implement financial performance management capabilities such as rolling plan, forecast and budget, and automate financial close processes to gain visibility, insight and control. Use advanced analytics to measure, report, plan and look ahead, and drive profitability across the entire value chain.

Delve deep into your data to identify fraudulent activities. This will allow you to pinpoint false claims and prevent unjustified payments — a perfect way to improve cost recovery and achieve cost

Mitigate risks at every level of your organization, such as unexpected fluctuations in operational costs, financial damage from fraud, credit risks or brand damage from malicious use of social media. Simplify and automate policy and compliance operations and achieve greater control.

Build an information platform that will enable your company to address challenges and seize opportunities. Integrate, streamline, simplify and analyze data to uncover insights that allow you to take targeted action.

Gain insight into your operational activities to anticipate and respond to changes, to better align operations with demand and to take advantage of new possibilities. This will help your organization become more agile.

Take the lead with business analytics.

IBM’s comprehensive, unified portfolio of Business Analytics software (Cognos, SPSS, OpenPages and Algorithmics) provides a host of capabilities that help your organisation achieve your objectives and exceed expectations. Based on open standards, IBM business analytics products can be used independently, in combination with each other, and as part of broader solutions to key business challenges.

Featured products

Business Anaytics software

  • IBM SPSS products

    IBM SPSS products (US)

    With IBM SPSS predictive analytics software, you can use statistical analysis, data and text mining, predictive modeling and decision optimisation to anticipate change and take action to improve outcomes.

  • IBM Cognos products

    IBM Cognos products (US)

    IBM Cognos business intelligence and performance management software, you have the integrated dashboards, scorecards, reporting, analysis, and planning and budgeting capabilities you need to gain and act on fact-based insights.

  • IBM OpenPages products

    IBM OpenPages products (US)

    OpenPages GRC software allows your organisation to manage enterprise operational risk and compliance initiatives using a single, integrated solution.

  • IBM Algorithmics products

    IBM Algorithmics products (US)

    Algorithmics software enables businesses like yours to gain transparency into financial risks in advance, providing information that is vital to your organisation.

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Customer Analytics

Understand and anticipate what customers want

Case studies

The Belgian Red Cross can predict demand and manage blood donations more efficiently

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence delivered automated reporting, in-depth analysis to review accurate real-time data on blood supplies and inventory.

Insurance company Corona Direct increases its long-term customer profitability by 20 percent

The insurance company turned to IBM SPSS predictive analytics to optimize their outbound marketing campaigns.

InSites Consulting helps a major pharmaceutical company understand consumer behavior by analyzing patterns in web media.

InSites Consulting used IBM SPSS Modeler to analyze text from thousands of blogs, discussion forums and other internet sites, making it possible to discover the issues that people really care about, identify gaps in the market and improve communication.

Contract research company Quintiles improves its financial analytics, budgeting and forecasting.

Quintiles worked with Aexis to deploy IBM Cognos Express Reporter and Xcelerator, enabling the company to replace the old spreadsheet processes with a single platform within five months.

Telenet transforms its customer care call center into a sales outlet.

In addition to answering customers’ questions correctly, Telenet wanted to allow its call center operatives to make relevant and interesting offers. Telenet created seven models for cross-selling and up-selling, integrating IBM SPSS solutions into its existing environment.

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