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  Efficiently deliver applications and services with robust performance and security

WebSphere Application Server. Planning, Concepts and Design. Download Redbook.WebSphere Application Server. Planning, Concepts and Design. Download Redbook.

Efficiently deliver applications and services with robust performance, transactional integrity and maximum security and control while optimizing costs. Drive down operational costs with a virtualized or cloud-based application infrastructure and immediate response.

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WebSphere Application Server

Intelligently manages your application environment and delivers rich user experiences faster.

WebSphere Application Server Family (US)

The WebSphere Application Server Family drives business agility through a choice of innovative performance based foundations

IBM Workload Deployer

Extend Smart SOA middleware and services into a private cloud.

WebSphere eXtreme Scale

An essential for elastic scalability and next-generation cloud environments.

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Application infrastructure areas of focus

Application foundation

Foundation for building, deploying, and managing applications with high performance, security and control.

Cloud platform and application virtualization

On-premise cloud deployment to optimise cost and time to market.

Elastic caching

Distributed caching technology to extend performance and scalability of existing applications.

Application acceleration

Improved performance and scalability of web-based applications with optimised mission critical traffic.

Transaction processing

Industrial strength, online transaction management for system z.

Application Infrastructure resources

WebSphere Application Server: Planning, Concepts, and Design

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WebSphere Application Server. Administration and Configuration Guide. Redbooks. Download Redbook.WebSphere Application Server. Administration and Configuration Guide. Redbooks. Download Redbook.

How can your business be agile if your application infrastructure isn’t?

It can’t. Your application infrastructure provides the foundation and tools needed to run the applications your business requires. If it is optimized for speed and flexibility; it can deliver new applications and services and reach customers in new ways and quickly respond to change. If your application foundation isn’t agile, neither is your business.

IBM Software can help you develop an application infrastructure that supports efficient delivery of innovative applications while optimizing resources and reducing time to deploy. Plus, it can help you achieve application virtualization that helps automate workloads for increased simplicity, resource consolidation, reduced risk and cost, and increased sharing of resources.

IBM application infrastructure solutions provide you with the capability to:

Real results

Haddon Hill Group (US), a computer services provider, needed a faster, less cost-intensive method of implementing large IBM WebSphere environments. The IBM solution for workload deployment has Haddon Hill projecting seven-figure savings, 100 times faster time to market -- hours versus 40 to 60 days -- and the elimination of errors resulting from incorrect server configurations.

Max New York Life Insurance Co. Ltd. sought ways to reduce hardware and software licensing costs. Virtual enterprise software from IBM enabled the insurer to reduce hardware infrastructure by approximately 50 percent, improve availability, and adopt early problem detection and resolution.

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Application lifecycle management

Manage the flow of people, process and information in an iterative cycle of software delivery

Connectivity and integration

Deliver fast, flexible and reliable access to processes, applications and information

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Business-centric IT architectural approach to integrate businesses as linked, repeatable tasks

Business process management

Discover, model, execute, govern, and gain end to end visibility on business processes, rules and events

Design and development

Deliver new business offerings faster with collaboration, automation and leveraging existing assets

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The most agile business wins.

Bring business and technology processes together. Stay ahead of the competition and drive growth in new innovative ways.


Application Infrastructure resources

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