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Data security and privacy: A holistic approach!

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According to ITG "Overall growth in data and storage volumes is routinely in the range of 30 to 50 percent per year." The cost of managing all of that data is substantial. Database software. Storage systems. Servers. These costs, like the volumes of data, continue to rise. The costs are even greater if data is mismanaged and you run afoul of regulatory demands or risk mistakes and poor service.


IBM Data Management solutions provide you with the capability to:

Data management software from IBM provides the foundation and tools for lowering the cost of data while improving insight to enable better business decisions – and build a smarter planet.

The IBM Data Management family includes products optimized for a wide variety of uses, from personal devices, to embedded business applications, to the largest and most powerful OLTP applications. The portfolio covers everything from database software to data warehousing with business intelligence and analytics to database management tools and more.

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Business Analytics

Enable organizations to better understand, anticipate and shape business outcomes.

Enterprise Content Management

Turn content into business insight using industry-specific solutions.

Information Integration and Federation

Establish new business process with the creation and distribution of trusted information.

IBM Data Warehousing

Provide a robust and scalable foundation for rapid deployment of real-time analytics and reporting.

Data management for smarter business

IBM database software and data management solutions deliver proven capabilities for reducing the cost and complexity of managing your data, improving business agility, and leveraging your company's core asset - your data.

  • DB2 for z/OS

    DB2 for z/OS

    IBM DB2 for z/OS helps you to reduce cost and complexity in your IT infrastructure, simplify compliance, and leverage your core asset — your data.

  • Database administration

    Database administration

    Voted #1 database software in customer satisfaction. Clients choose Informix because it is reliable, low cost, and hassle free. Solution providers choose Informix for its best-of-breed embeddability.

  • IMS

    IMS (US)

    IBM Information Management System (IMS) is the premier transaction and hierarchical database management system. The latest capabilities enable SOA exploitation, secure your investment and enable new application development.

  • Database design and development

    Database design and development

    Integrated design, development and testing of application and enterprise databases across heterogeneous environments.

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Protect enterprise data at rest with encryption, access controls and auditing

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Big data, integration and governance

Turn information into insight

Data Management podcast

Conor O'MahonyConor O'Mahony with Information Management at IBM discusses how as organizations process more and more information, the value of the systems and availability and need to organize that data is critical.

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    Strategies for securing enterprise data: Strategic approach to information governance and data privacy.

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    White paper

    Protect enterprise data at rest with encryption, access controls and auditing

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