Why z/TPF for high-volume transactions?

IBM® z/Transaction Processing Facility (z/TPF) is the market-segment dominant transaction processor, but it is more than just a transaction processor. z/TPF is an operating system, transaction processor and a unique database, all designed to work together as one system. The transaction processor and operating system are specifically designed for high-volume transactions in a real-time environment.

Product editions:

TPF Operations Server: is a console automation and enhancement application for the administration and maintenance of IBM z/Transaction Processing Facility.
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z/Transaction Processing Facility Database Facility: is a database manager for application programs that run in a z/TPF operating environment.
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z/Transaction Processing Facility Enterprise Edition: is an operating system that is designed to provide availability for high-volume, near real-time transactions.
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TPF Toolkit
An Eclipse-based, integrated development environment that allows you to edit, compile and debug your IBM Transaction Processing Facility (TPF) applications remotely from your workstation.

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