Measure and verify effectiveness of mainframe security

Outthink threats with timely analytics
and enhanced security intelligence

IBM® Security zSecure™ Audit is a mainframe solution that measures and verifies the effectiveness of mainframe security policies for IBM Resource Access Control Facility (RACF®), CA-ACF2 and CA Top Secret Security. It generates reports to quickly locate problems associated with a particular resource—such as an unprotected data set—to provide vulnerability analysis of your mainframe infrastructure. It also provides a compliance framework for testing against industry regulations. As a result, you can reduce errors and improve overall quality of service.

IBM Security zSecure Audit:

Gathers and analyzes critical information

Delivers customized reports

Provides answers quickly and creates an audit trail

Helps minimize security risks

Tracks and monitors baseline changes for RACF and ACF2

IBM Security zSecure Audit resources

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