Advanced optimizing compiler for IBM Power Systems running Linux distributions

No-charge, fully functional Community Edition

IBM® XL C/C++ for Linux is an industry standards-based programming tool used to develop large and complex applications in the C and C++ programming languages. Optimized for IBM Power Systems™, including the latest POWER8® processors, XL C/C++ for Linux supports vector and parallel programming. This compiler complies with the ISO C99 and ISO C++03 standards.

XL C/C++ for Linux on little endian Linux distributions is C11 and C++11 compliant and supports a subset of the C++14 standard, supporting code portability between multiple operating systems and hardware platforms. XL C/C++ for Linux combines the Clang front-end infrastructure with IBM advanced optimization technology and code generation. It provides GCC compatibility and language standards support for easy migration.

XL C/C++ for Linux provides the following features and benefits:

Delivers a single XL C/C++ offering for both big endian and little endian Linux distributions

(Little endian) Offers an unlimited license, no-charge, fully functional Community Edition

Optimizes application performance

Provides highly-tuned math libraries

Enables ease of application migration to Power Systems

Enables ease of application acceleration using OpenMP 4.5

XL C/C++ for Linux resources

Always up-to-date system requirement reports can be dynamically generated using the Software Product Compatibility Reports (SPCR) tool.

For your convenience, the tabs below identify the supported releases of XL C/C++ for Linux from which you can select detailed system requirement reports for different contexts (by Operating System, by component). Note that clicking a link will always generate a new, up-to-date report.

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13.1.5 Release

13.1.4 Release

13.1.3 Release

13.1.2 Release

13.1.1 Release

13.1 Release

12.1 Release

11.1 Release

XL C/C++ for Linux V13.1.5 on little endian distributions delivers the following benefits and features:

  • Ease of application acceleration using OpenMP 4.5
  • Community Edition available as a fully functional compiler
  • New and enhanced compiler options and built-in functions


Ease of application acceleration using OpenMP 4.5

  • XL C/C++ for Linux provides high performance computing with support for Power System servers such as the S822LC (Minsky), which contain two POWER8 CPUs, up to four NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs, and NVIDIA's accelerated NVLink interconnect.
  • Applications can accelerate by offloading computation and data to the NVIDIA GPUs.
  • A number of OpenMP 4.5 features are supported.
  • Thread affinity policy features are supported.

Community Edition available as a fully functional compiler

  • The Community Edition embodies all features of the fully warranted XL C/C++ for Linux compiler.
  • To obtain subscription, full warranty, and world-class IBM support, consider licensing the full compiler.

New and enhanced compiler options and built-in functions

  • New and changed compiler options include -qfulldebug, -qoffload, -qarch, -qtune, -qpath, and -X (-W).
  • New and changed built-in functions include _builtin_max and _builtin_min.

Access the following resources to download the licensed version and community edition of the compiler products.

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