A single e-commerce platform for midsize businesses

IBM® WebSphere® Commerce Express is an e-commerce platform that helps midsize companies sell directly to customers across the web, mobile devices and other digital channels. It is designed for ease of use and offers an affordable way for growing companies to establish a business-to-consumer (B2C) digital commerce presence.

WebSphere Commerce Express features include:

  • Simplified installation to help midsize companies establish a web presence quickly.
  • Marketing and merchandising tools to help increase online revenue and improve customer engagement and customer shopping experiences.
  • An IBM middleware backbone to underpin your online business with high site availability and performance during peak shopping periods.
  • Integration with IBM order management and web analytics to unify the marketing, selling and fulfillment cycle.

Simplified installation

  • Provides multiple installation options to support the varying needs of midsize businesses.
  • Addresses specific needs for production and pre-production staging of new web store content.
  • Offers prebuilt B2C starter store models to help reduce the time needed to create a new business-to-consumer store.
  • Imports existing product catalogs quickly.

Marketing and merchandising tools

  • Provide expansive catalog management tools - from generating stock-keeping units (SKUs) and uploading information to creating product categories and assortments.
  • Allow merchandisers to create and manage store pages more quickly and easily to deliver relevant and engaging content without the need for IT.
  • Enable marketers to easily modify product descriptions, attributes and creative elements.
  • Help reduce the need for technical resources or web developer support by enabling business users to improve control of daily marketing, merchandising and catalog management.

An IBM middleware backbone

  • Enables peak availability with site administration, problem determination and performance monitoring tools.
  • Supports high levels of site performance and reliability with simplified clustering for configuration and management of hardware and software.

Integration with IBM order management and web analytics

  • Integrates with IBM Digital Analytics to help increase revenue through improved understanding of how customers interact across multiple channels.
  • Provides prebuilt auto-tagging capabilities to expedite tagging implementation of web and mobile stores.
  • Integrates with IBM Sterling Order Management, enabling customers to use a wide range of methods and channels to place and fulfill orders and return goods.
  • Enables omni-channel order aggregation to provide visibility into global inventory and to optimize delivery and service availability.

Reduce time to market with prebuilt direct-to-consumer web storefronts

Extend shopping to smartphones and mobile devices with prebuilt mobile stores

Optimize catalogs, products and categorization with merchandising tools

Display personalized advertisements and promotions on store pages

Gain customer insights through integration with IBM Digital Analytics

Improve customer service through greater inventory visibility and order status

Web Storefronts

Provide all the features, models and best practices necessary for a direct to consumer online stores. These storefronts offer rich capability from advanced faceted search and mini shopping carts to integrated inventory availability and product comparisons.

Mobile Storefronts

Complementing the web storefronts, the mobile storefronts provide a base for offering your customers a compelling mobile shopping experience. Customers can browse products, create wish lists, add items to their shopping cart and complete the mobile checkout process. Orders placed use the mobile store locator during checkout, allowing customers to pickup their items in-store when the order is ready.

Merchandising Tools

Enables merchandisers to maximize sales revenue and profitability by providing tools that give them the ability to optimize the promotion, packaging, categorization and sales of individual products, catalogs, categories, and brands.

Marketing Tools

Enables marketing managers to maximize the value of all consumer and business relationships by offering powerful yet intuitive tools that deliver highly personalized campaigns, advertisements, and promotions while measuring the effectiveness of each initiative.

Digital Analytics

Integrates with IBM Digital Web Analytics to help increase revenue through improved understanding of how customers interact across multiple channels.

Order Fulfillment

WebSphere Commerce integrates with IBM Sterling Order Management, enabling companies to deliver a superior experience. Integrated order management combines multi-channel order aggregation with global visibility to inventory, and delivery and service availability, enabling the complete order promise and providing the ability to "order from anywhere, fulfill from anywhere, and return to anywhere."

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