Visual modeling capabilities for developing Java and J2EE applications

IBM® Rational Rose® Developer for Java® provides a set of model-driven capabilities for developing Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) software applications. The solution allows you to accelerate development of Java and Java EE applications with code generated from visual models using the Unified Modeling Language (UML).

Rational Rose Developer for Java offers a common modeling tool and language to simplify the work environment and enable faster creation of Java-based software.

Develop applications faster

  • Provides analysis and Rose J pattern support based on reusable object-oriented software design.
  • Automates the process of generating test scripts, test drivers and test code.
  • Includes Java and CORBA code generation, reverse engineering and configurable model-to-code synchronization.
  • Enables granular management and use of models through a model components feature that can be controlled separately.
  • Provides forward and reverse engineering support for enumerations, for-each loops, autoboxing and unboxing, as well as reverse engineering support for static imports, generics and varargs.

Integrate application design with development

  • Allows one language to be used for the analysis and development lifecycle.
  • Integrates with other IBM Rational lifecycle development tools and with Java Integrated Development Environments (IDEs).
  • Provides web publishing models and reports to improve communication across the extended team.

Rational Rose Developer for Java resources

System requirements

Specifications are for IBM Rational Rose products v7.0

Operating SystemSoftwareHardware
Windows IBM Rational Rose v7.0 products

• Windows 2000 Professional, Service Pack 4

• Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2

• Windows 2000 and 2003 Server and Advanced Server, Service Pack 3 and 4

• Windows Vista


• Rational ClearCase v7.0

• Rational ClearCase LT v7.0

• Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 6.0c - Supports the SCC interface


• BEA WebLogic 5.1, 6.0,6.1, 7.0

• IBM WebSphere 3.5, 4.0, 5.0

• Sun J2EE Reference Implementation 1.2

• Borland App Server 4.5

• Borland Enterprise Server 5.x

• Minimum: 450MHz PII

• Recommended: 700MHz


• Minimum: 256MB

• Recommended: 512MB


• Minimum: 400MB (product image) + 50MB (workspace)

• Recommended overall: 2GB

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Rational Rose Developer for Java resources