Determine the right message to present in inbound marketing channels

With IBM® Interact, marketers can personalize, in real time, the experience of customers interacting with websites, call centers and other inbound marketing channels. The use of IBM Interact in combination with IBM Product Recommendations allows personalized offers to be delivered with product recommendations, increasing the relevance of the appeal of personalized messages delivered in real time. IBM Interact uses powerful, behavioral targeting analytics and marketer-defined business logic to deliver the optimal marketing message in each case:

Easily define strategies for interacting with customers and prospects.

Build insight over time and help determine the best offer or message to present to customers and prospects.

Provide an uncomplicated and intuitive user experience to each person involved in the inbound marketing process.

Integrate IBM Interact easily with digital properties — such as websites — for personalization, behavioral targeting and social sharing.

Factor pattern recognition into real-time decisions.

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IBM Interact

Determine the right message to present in inbound marketing channels

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