Rational Programming Patterns

Modernizes pattern-driven programming for Pacbase applications

IBM Rational Programming Patterns is an integrated environment for developing and maintaining Pacbase applications within Rational software delivery platforms. This solution provides functionality adapted to the Pacbase pattern-driven development paradigm for VisualAge Pacbase applications. Rational Programming Patterns features data description patterns, programming patterns for traditional applications, macro-structure patterns, and COBOL micro-patterns.

Rational Programming Patterns:

Rational Programming Patterns for System z resources

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Development tools for Pacbase applications

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Accelerates a secure transition to the Rational Software Delivery Platform

IBM® Rational® Programming Patterns V9.0 leverages Pacbase investments by modernizing the pattern driven development paradigm and the enterprise-wide repository services within the latest IBM strategic delivery platform. Low cost migration limits the number of non-regression tests and the need to re-train Pacbase developers. V9.0 is designed to raise the content parity ratio with VisualAge® Pacbase for engaging a secure transition with pilot projects or for wider developments of the Rational Software Delivery Platform.

Rational Programming Patterns V9.0 includes:


CA Endevor Bridge

Migration process improvements

Enriched migrated entities scope

Quality Control enhancements

Ergonomics improvements

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Rational Programming Patterns for System z resources