Centralized management of providers and services for integrated service delivery

Cúram Provider Management is a social program management software that helps organizations manage providers holistically, resulting in improved service delivery, enhanced efficiency and sustainable outcomes for the citizens they serve. Cúram Provider Management provides a common repository of information, re-usable business services, and enhanced accessibility for caseworkers as well as for external providers.

Cúram Provider Management includes:

Provider self-service via external user access

  • Facilitates access to the social program organization and lowers the cost of doing business for providers and social program organizations using a provider portal.
  • Empowers providers to submit invoices and review payment status, decreasing calls to social program organizations.
  • Allows providers to view accreditations, licenses and contracts, and register for a case.
  • Enables capturing of citizen attendance and submitting of rosters where required as part of the service agreement.

Common repository of information and business processes

  • Enterprise-wide service registry centralizes and organizes services within a social program organization to improve its visibility and ease of maintenance.
  • Caseworkers can easily match providers to services, increasing their effectiveness to serve citizens.
  • Enhanced caseworker access to services and oversight of the provider network helps to improve outcomes.
  • A configurable set of re-useable business services supports core provider management business processes covering all points of contact, from enrollment to service provisioning to payment.

Taxonomy designed specifically for social programs

  • Taxonomy provides common language, concepts and terminology for naming services and agreements regarding definitions for what a service involves.
  • System of categorization of provider services allows information and referral specialists, caseworkers and potentially citizens to access the social program organization’s resources online.
  • Common search methodology is used to retrieve information about available services and providers.

Place and resource management

  • Manages physical capacity, designated capacity and vacancies at providers.
  • Captures key place attributes, such as allowable gender and age groups.
  • Supports modification of placements to meet citizen needs.
  • Supports emergency and out of use places.
  • Optimally matches citizens to places, resources and providers.

Contract Management and Financials

  • Outlines the covered services, conditions and restrictions.
  • Allows for utilization and flat-rate based contracts.
  • Links service provision to provider payments.

Curam Social Program Management Platform is required to implement Curam Provider Management.

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