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IBM Sterling Order Management provides order orchestration through a centralized inventory, order promising and fulfillment hub to support omni-channel fulfillment. It helps enterprises increase fill rates and inventory turns, reduce markdowns, improve customer loyalty and increase share of wallet. The Sterling Order Management system enables you to make better decisions about how to promise and fulfill customer orders, resulting in improved profitability and customer satisfaction.

Sterling Order Management features include:

A single view of supply and demand across channels

Coordinated, customized fulfillment execution

One source of order information

Integrated order fulfillment processes across all selling channels

Inventory visibility

inventory visibility – order management system

Enables visibility to all internal and external inventory locations.

Call Center for Commerce

call center for commerce – order orchestration

Provides call center representatives access to order, inventory and delivery tools.

Customer-facing inventory

customer facing inventory – order management system

Allows customers to receive accurate inventory across channels.

Store associate

store associate solutions – order orchestration

Extend fulfillment processes to store associates through mobile devices.

Inventory visibility

Provides a consolidated view of inventory information across all internal and external sources across the supply chain, from warehouses, distribution centers, stores and supply chain partners.

inventory visibility – order management system

Call Center for Commerce

Extend omni-channel customer engagement to the call center by providing representatives with access to order, inventory, delivery, and installation tools and information, ensuring high-quality customer service.

Change Fulfillment Options

Customer-facing inventory

Provides customers with accurate inventory information across the entire order promise – available-to-promise, available-to-deliver and available-to-service.

customer facing inventory – order management system

Store associate solutions

Extends access and control of order fulfillment operations to store associates through intuitive mobile applications.

store associate solutions – order orchestration

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The robust capabilities of IBM® Order Management empower your organization to optimize the wide-ranging aspects of the order and fulfillment process—helping to deliver a seamless customer experience across all interactions.

Sterling Order Management capabilities include:

Global inventory visibility

IBM Order Management provides a complete view of inventory and demand across locations and stages of transit. It can optimize inventory, improve product availability, order promising and customer satisfaction, and help prevent lost sales.

Delivery and service scheduling

Use IBM Delivery and Service Scheduling to schedule and provide promise dates for delivery, installation and other add-on services at the time of the order. The resulting optimized product and service fulfillment can help increase revenue with add-on sales and improve customer satisfaction through accurate scheduling of services.

Reverse logistics

With its reverse logistics capability, IBM Order Management can help reduce costs, boost customer satisfaction and improve inventory utilization associated with returns and return processes—whether individual customer returns or complex bulk returns and return dispositions.

IBM Sterling Store

IBM Store, a web-based store solution for IBM Order Management, enables the incorporation of stores into your multichannel strategies—for increased sales, improved customer experience, more efficient store personnel, and expanded inventory availability and visibility.

IBM Call Center for Commerce

IBM Call Center for Commerce is a web-based call center solution that provides customer service representatives (CSRs) with a single point of access to commerce information. When used with IBM Order Management, IBM Call Center for Commerce supports flexible customer interactions to help enable "order from anywhere, fulfill from anywhere" capabilities—enabling more informed omni-channel interactions with customers to help differentiate your brand and increase sales.

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