Automate and govern repeatable decisions

IBM Operational Decision Manager
Decision Governance Framework

IBM® Operational Decision Manager is a full-featured, easy-to-use platform for capturing, automating and governing frequent, repeatable business decisions. It consists of two components, IBM Decision Center and IBM Decision Server. They form the platform for managing and executing business rules and business events to help you make decisions faster, improve responsiveness, minimize risks and seize opportunities.

IBM Operational Decision Manager improves the quality of transaction and process-related decisions and helps determine the appropriate course of action for customers, partners and internal interactions. It improves business insight and outcomes and helps you detect opportunities and risks. It also enables you to implement, test and deploy decision changes and understand how decisions are made and apply them consistently across processes and applications.

IBM Decision Center

IBM Decision Server

IBM Operational Decision Management resources

Enhanced decision management and enriched validation and deployment capabilities

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IBM® Operational Decision Manager V8.6 helps address decision-automation challenges by enabling organizations to build highly flexible, adaptable solutions that can detect and react to threats and opportunities and quickly adapt to changing business conditions. It provides extended control to business stakeholders to help manage the automated decisions for which they are responsible. IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.6 enables business policy updates to be managed and governed with reduced support from IT teams.

IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.6 features:


Enhanced change management support

A new decision service to simplify rule deployment and governance

The ability for business users to define and execute test suites

A new Decision Engine

A new incremental migration tool

Greater deployment opportunities

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