Bringing social collaboration and business applications together in an email client

IBM Notes and Domino 9
Social Edition

IBM® Notes® and Domino® products work together as an email client to provide client and server software for messaging and collaboration for a variety of operating environments. The email client allows you to advance your organization as a social business. It can help you develop and deploy collaborative and workflow applications more quickly and easily. The client enables your organization to accelerate operations, improve decision-making, increase productivity and realize enhanced business results.

Product editions:

IBM Notes: Is an enterprise email client for social business.
Features | Product support (US)

IBM Domino: Is an advanced platform for hosting social business applications.
Features | Product support (US)

IBM Domino Collaboration and Messaging Express: Is a set of IBM messaging and collaboration offerings for companies to acquire, deploy and use the capabilities of IBM Domino software.
Features | Product support (US)

IBM SmartCloud Notes: IBM SmartCloud Notes is a cloud-based email, calendar, contact management and instant messaging service on the IBM Cloud.
Features | Product support (US)

IBM Notes Traveler: Is mobile email software that provides quick access to email, calendar and contacts from a wide range of mobile devices or tablets.
Features | Product support (US)

IBM iNotes: Is a web-based email client for IBM Notes that provides browser access to IBM Notes mail, calendar and contacts.
Features | Product support (US)

IBM Domino Designer: Is a highly productive development environment for applications that run on IBM Notes and Domino.
Features | Product support (US)

Lotus Workflow: Is an application development tool that extends Lotus Domino to automate repetitive tasks, allowing creation of customized workflow applications that manage and monitor your company’s business processes.
Features | Product support (US)

IBM Enterprise Integrator for Domino: Supports the exchange of data between IBM Domino and third-party data sources.
Features | Product support (US)

Lotus Connector for SAP Solutions: Is an application development tool that lets you integrate IBM Lotus Domino with SAP enterprise resource planning software.
Features | Product support (US)

Lotus Protector for Mail Security: Is software that scans email messages and attached files for unwanted, confidential or malicious content.
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IBM Notes and Domino resources

On September 14, 2016, IBM announced a few key updates regarding Notes and Domino V9:

  • Extension of support for Notes and Domino 9.0.1 through at least 2021.
  • Notes and Domino 9.0.1 now includes entitlement to Connections V5.5 Files and Profiles3. New Notes features will be delivered through Fix/Feature Packs for customers on active S&S.

  Learn more

Putting you on a solid path to becoming a social business

IBM® Notes® and Domino® 9.0 delivers significant new capabilities to help you create a more effective workforce. This software helps users work efficiently from virtually anywhere, at any time, with on-demand access to the people and information they need. By bringing social collaboration and business applications together, IBM Notes and Domino can help you accelerate operations, improve decision-making and increase productivity.

IBM® Notes® and Domino® 9.0 can help you:


Increase productivity

Enhance mobility

Integrate, develop and deploy business applications

Reduce total cost of ownership

Provide a security-rich environment

Upgrade to the latest version of IBM Notes and Domino.

Use your IBM Software Subscription and Support benefits to upgrade to the latest IBM Notes and Domino release today.

Learn more about IBM Software Subscription and Support benefits.

Introducing panagenda ApplicationInsights

Turns your metrics into actionable data

Build a path to application modernization. ApplicationInsights is a third-party analytics solution which transforms IBM Domino application usage and design complexity metrics into actionable decision data.

Applications Insights

Provides visualizations for clear understanding

See clearly what you can archive, rewrite or modernize through visualizations of application design complexity and code similarity. ApplicationInsights locally aggregates your unique application data and turns it into easy-to-understand dashboards. Data on application usage, business value and optimization opportunities help you reduce total cost of ownership.

Pinpoints cost reduction and efficiency opportunities

Realize value at any stage of your cloud, optimization or modernization project. Continuous analysis of usage and design data helps you reduce scope, cost and effort.

ApplicationInsights enables you to:

  • Quantify data for business critical applications
  • Identify design dependencies down to the line of code for efficient transformation
  • Use simplified segmentation to choose between archiving, updating and optimizing
  • Understand application usage patterns across your organization (what, who, how)
  • Identify application access method across rich, mobile, browser clients 

Product options

ApplicationInsights is a virtual software appliance that requires minimal configuration. There are three different options:

  • VMWare Workstation
  • vSphere/ESX(i)
  • Microsoft Hyper-V image

For customers active on Subscription & Support on either IBM Domino Enterprise Server PVU or IBM Domino Utility Server PVU, ApplicationInsights is available from the IBM Support Page.

Customers with Dual entitlement with applications, Dual entitlement with applications + S1, and Dual Entitlement for Social Collaboration are also entitled to ApplicationInsights.

The entitlement version shows all usage data, and provides details for your top 50 most used and 50 most complex applications. To get detailed insights into more applications, please contact your sales representative or business partner to purchase ApplicationInsights Value Packs. Each Value Packs unlocks details for an additional 500 applications, and includes insights into all your unused applications.

IBM® Notes® and Domino® Resources

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