Easily migrate and process CA Easytrieve Plus applications while protecting current investments

Code samples showing Generated
COBOL vs CA Easytrieve Plus®

IBM® Migration Utility for z/OS® helps to preserve your investment in CA Easytrieve Classic and Plus programs. Developers can generate IBM COBOL reports from CA Easytrieve projects or continue to update existing or create new CA Easytrieve applications. Converted programs can be run and maintained as either COBOL or Easytrieve programs without having to install CA Easytrieve products, as source code is maintained in the original library.

Migration Utility for z/OS helps to facilitate a smooth migration from Easytrieve programs from CA Technologies:

System requirements

Below is the list of software and hardware required to install this product.

Operating SystemSoftwareHardware
z/OS Currently supported z/OS operating system Any hardware capable of running the required operating system.

Code samples showing Generated COBOL vs CA Easytrieve Plus®


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