ESB-based integration foundation for departmental projects, small and midsize companies

Using IBM Integration Bus in .NET Environments

IBM® Integration Bus Express (formerly WebSphere® Message Broker Express) is an entry level integration foundation based on enterprise service bus (ESB) technology. It includes a subset of key features and is available at a low price point to meet the needs of basic projects, with the ability to scale to meet growing business needs.

IBM Integration Bus Express:

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IBM Integration Bus Express resources

Simplify the creation and management of integration processes spanning disparate applications, systems and data sources

IBM Integration Bus V10.0 key enhancements include:

Simplified single-package installation and improved support for unit test

Flexible interaction with IBM WebSphere MQ

Rapid creation of REST APIs and new graphical data mapper support for the transformation of unmodelled data structures

Extended reach of IBM Integration Bus with file, database and security enhancements

Ability to create new application connectors and control them using independently managed policies

IBM Integration Bus V10.0 enhancements also enable you to:

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