ESB-based integration foundation, enabling universal connectivity and transformation

IBM Integration Bus Advanced
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IBM® Integration Bus Advanced (formerly WebSphere® Message Broker) is a robust and flexible integration foundation based on enterprise service bus (ESB) technology. It provides connectivity and universal data transformation in heterogeneous IT environments. It enables businesses of any size to eliminate point-to-point connections and batch processing, regardless of platform, protocol and data format.

With IBM Integration Bus Advanced:

Help your entire organization make smarter business decisions

Connect throughout an array of heterogeneous applications

Provide extensive support for Microsoft .NET environments

Deliver a standardized, simplified and flexible integration foundation

Support reliable communication

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    Visit the IBM Integration Bus developer community to access a step-by-step guide to developing your first integration project, find hands-on labs to improve your skills or receive help directly from IBM Integration Bus development professionals.

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How to make IBM Integration Bus Advanced work for you…

IBM Integration Bus Advanced, formerly known as IBM WebSphere Message Broker, provides rapid time to value for businesses of all sizes, in all industries and on a range of platforms including cloud and system z. The top Integration use cases include:

Healthcare Integration

Improving efficiency and quality of care within healthcare IT environments

With the healthcare industry undergoing continuous regulation change combined with the ever-growing need for higher levels of patient care, the need for an integrated IT environment is more important than ever. Use IBM Integration Bus Advanced to meet these demands and minimize your clinical risks and improve quality of care by making patient information available on-demand.

IBM WebSphere Message Broker Connectivity Pack for Healthcare provides out-of-the-box integration capabilities that address the connectivity and communication challenges facing healthcare providers, health plans/payers and life sciences enterprises.

Learn More … IBM WebSphere Message Broker Connectivity Pack for Healthcare

Mobile Integration

Secure, scalable access to critical data and back-end systems

In order to fully utilize the opportunities of the Mobile world, you need secure access to your back-end systems and integration that is robust and can scale to handle the growing number of connections. In conjunction with IBM Worklight, IBM Integration Bus Advanced offers a comprehensive solution to extend and transform your mobile applications.

Accelerate mobile enablement within your organisation to facilitate interaction with customers, increase their satisfaction, and increase productivity within your workforce.

Learn more … IBM Integration Bus Advanced Standard

.NET Integration

Gain more value from your Microsoft services and applications

Bridge the gap in a mixed IT environment, making it easy to integrate applications across your business systems. IBM Integration Bus Advanced supports Microsoft and .NET integration, making it simple to integrate your Microsoft assets with the rest of your services and applications within departmental, small to mid-size or large enterprises.

Take advantage of existing skills and assets to connect .NET applications using the proven scalability and availability of IBM Integration Bus Advanced.

Learn more … IBM Integration Bus Advanced Express


White paper: Using WebSphere Message Broker in .NET Environments

Simplify the creation and management of integration processes spanning disparate applications, systems and data sources

IBM Integration Bus V10.0 key enhancements include:

Simplified single-package installation and improved support for unit test

Flexible interaction with IBM WebSphere MQ

Rapid creation of REST APIs and new graphical data mapper support for the transformation of unmodelled data structures

Extended reach of IBM Integration Bus with file, database and security enhancements

Ability to create new application connectors and control them using independently managed policies

IBM Integration Bus V10.0 enhancements also enable you to:

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