Web-based email client access to IBM Notes mail, calendar and contacts

IBM Notes and Domino 9
Social Edition

IBM® iNotes® (formerly IBM Lotus® iNotes) is a web-based email client for IBM Notes®. IBM iNotes provides browser access to IBM Notes email, calendar and contacts. This web-based email client includes social capabilities that provide easier access to expertise, information and business applications, leading to increased productivity and better business results.

IBM iNotes provides:

Quick access to email, calendar and social collaboration tools

Support for social capabilities

Excellent performance in a security-rich environment

Efficient and simple ways to sort, search and filter email

Rich, full-featured calendar support

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Get work done quickly through the Web

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Work without your laptop

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Improve productivity with an enhanced user interface

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IBM iNotes resources

Putting you on a solid path to becoming a social business

IBM iNotes 9.0.1

In addition to the capabilities delivered in IBM® Notes® and Domino® 9.0 Social Edition, version 9.0.1 provides these new enhancements for IBM iNotes®:

IBM iNotes 9.0

IBM iNotes provides browser-based access to IBM Notes mail, calendar and contacts. IBM iNotes 9.0 offers new features that deliver social capabilities to help accelerate business operations and enhance productivity. Buy or upgrade today and create a more effective workforce.

IBM iNotes 9.0 provides:

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Enhanced mail features

Calendar improvements

Widgets support

Live text support

Additional feature improvements

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