Entity resolution and analysis platform for fighting threat and fraud.

IBM Identity Insight is an advanced entity analytics solution with sophisticated recognition algorithms optimized to help predict & pre-empt criminal activity faster.

IBM Identity Insight leverages advanced algorithms specifically optimized to recognize nefarious individuals and organizations in spite of their sophisticated attempts to mask their identity, their unscrupulous relationships, and their activities

What’s new

IBM InfoSphere Identity Insight V9.0 includes the new Identity Insight Explorer application. This application enables analysts to research entities and entity relationships, as well as research the disposition of role-based and event-based alerts.

All InfoSphere Identity Insight applications work with an extended SOA/Web-Services layer, which has been updated with many new configuration and alerting services.

These components are powered by the IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty Runtime, which:

  • Provides an extendable security model for integration into third-party authentication services
  • Offers much faster start-up and stop times
  • Represents the current WebSphere technology

A new security model enables better security through LDAP integration and WebSphere Application Server Liberty security profiles. All InfoSphere Identity Insight applications and plug-ins now recognize the WebSphere Liberty basic authentication model, which can be configured to work with other authentication providers.

Other performance improvements and feature upgrades include:

  • A new configuration console simplifies the configuration of InfoSphere Identity Insight by combining many earlier configuration screens into streamlined interfaces (complete with embedded user assistance).
  • The thin-client graph application includes new call-out and "baseball-card" features to show the key entity information.
  • Along with program updates and enhancements released since the last major release (V8.1.0.4), InfoSphere Identity Insight V9.0 includes performance improvements for EnhancedQuery, disclosed relationship processing, and passive-load; support for Linux on Power Series; and many minor fixes.

The following new offerings are bundled for limited use as “supporting programs” by the “principal program” with Version 9.0:

  • IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook
  • IBM Data Stage
  • IBM DB2 Advanced Workgroup Server Edition v11.1
  • IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Analysis v11.0

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