IBM® InfoSphere® Global Name Management helps manage, search, analyze, and compare multicultural name data sets by leveraging culture-specific name data & linguistic rules.

It leverages a unique linguistic-based approach that is based on over 20 years of research to address the needs of managing personal and business names from all over the world.

What’s new

New features and enhancements of IBM InfoSphere Global Name Management v6.0

  • Version 6.0 supports new standard cultures: Polish, Portuguese, and Turkish.
  • It extends native script support to handle personal names written in extended Latin (Hispanic, Polish, Portuguese) and Devanagari (Indian), and organization names written in Cyrillic (Russian), Hangul (Korean), Kanji (Japanese), Hanzi (Chinese), and Devanagari (Indian).
  • Version 6.0 extends organization name searching support for additional cultures: Chinese, Hispanic, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, and Russian.
  • It improves the handling of short name comparisons to properly identify misspellings ("Fred" vs. "Ferd") while avoiding matches on truly different names ("Bill" vs. "Jill").
  • It also improves genderization to work with the entire compendium of InfoSphere Global Name Management name data and to provide culture-specific gender information ("Juan" is a male name in most of the world, but a female name in China).

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