A single, secure and reliable connection to all your business partners

The right B2B communications foundation enhances integration, visibility and partner satisfaction while reducing transaction costs through increased accuracy and timeliness

IBM® Sterling Information Broker® is the value-added network used by companies around the world and processes millions of transactions daily. It provides a single-connection to all of your business partners, regardless of size, location, protocols or communications preferences.

  • Perform any-to-any data translation – We support XML, all forms of EDI including X12 and EDIFACT, as well as industry-specific and proprietary formats.
  • Build trading communities – We can provide outsourced management and technical support for partner on-boarding.
  • Expand your B2B global operations – Connect to trading partners securely and reliably worldwide with over 100 network interconnects.
  • Manage high and rapidly growing data volumes – Sterling Information Broker has managed as many as a billion documents in one month.

Sterling Information Broker takes the cost, risk and inefficiency out of business and trading partner integration. Processing millions of transactions daily for companies across the globe, enhance your B2B communication foundation with capabilities that include:

Comprehensive protocol support

Sterling Information Broker protocol support ranges from legacy asynchronous dial-up to the latest Internet protocols. You can access Sterling Information Broker through traditional protocols such as SNA, bisync, async, OFTP, X.25, and Zmodem, or through any Internet protocol, including TCP/IP, FTP, SMTP, X.400, HTTPS, MQ, and EDIINT.

Support for multiple data types

You can collaborate with business partners using the file format that best fits your business needs. Sterling Information Broker currently supports file types such as XML, .CSV, iDoc, and many flat file formats in addition to EDI standards.

Any-to-any translation

Sterling Information Broker accepts data in the format you choose and makes sure it reaches your business partners in the format they require, including translation from EDI to XML, flat file to XML, flat file to EDI, etc. It enables you to do business with anyone you choose, without having to manage data-translation processes.

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