Comprehensive data integration to support trusted and governed information

IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server Enterprise Edition provides end-to-end information integration capabilities to help you understand, govern, create, maintain, transform and deliver quality data.

InfoSphere Information Server Enterprise Edition consists of three offerings:

Each of the three offerings is also separately available.

IBM Information Server on Cloud Enterprise Edition

A new way to work - flexibility for hybrid environments integrating and governing all types of data

Whether you want to move your entire Information Server Enterprise Edition infrastructure to the cloud or you want to start small by deploying development or test environments IBM Information Server on Cloud Enterprise Edition is ready to help with your data integration, data quality, and governance needs through rapid deployment and flexible subscription pricing.

If you are brand new to IBM Information Server why not begin on the cloud and avoid the need to procure on-premises hardware, departmental and budget approvals with low-risk subscription pricing?


  • Optimize resources and budgets to realize faster time to value: Improve agility with flexible cloud deployment options. Whether you require two users, five users, or more flexible configuration and pricing options are available.
  • Benefit from the same powerful and scalable ETL, data quality and information governance capabilities found in IBM Information Server Enterprise Edition for on-premises deployment.
  • Integrate and transformation large volumes of data, with data structures ranging from simple to complex.

Take information integration, data quality, and governance to the cloud

With the advent of cloud computing, organizations are seeking to extend their IT architectures beyond corporate networks into the cloud. Information Server on Cloud Enterprise Edition helps meet these needs. Flexible deployment options allow you to roll out new applications, data and services with impressive speed and place them in the optimal location—whether on premises, in the cloud or both. Subscription-based pricing helps reduce costs and optimize resources while facilitating intelligent investment in future growth.

A new way to work - flexibility for hybrid cloud environments integrating and governing all types of data

  • Extend ETL, data quality and governance to the cloud - Expand your Information Server environment or begin transitioning into a private or public cloud with the flexible deployment options and subscription pricing.
  • Establish ad hoc environments - Quickly spin up new environments for ad hoc development and testing or limited duration projects by extending your on-premises capacity.
  • Start new projects in the cloud - Move straight to the cloud without establishing an on-premises environment. Realize faster time-to-value, reduced administration burden, and lower risk subscription pricing.

What's new in IBM InfoSphere Information Server

Flexible information integration helps you transform insights from trusted information into actionable results

Creating trusted information requires collaboration between IT and business, using a unified platform to define and integrate data. Organizations must ensure that data is accessible, authoritative, consistent, timely, and in context for analysis and reporting.

On September 15, IBM announced several exciting new features for InfoSphere Information Server to help clients rationalize their increasingly complex environment and meet rapidly changing information integration needs. Please read this brief for more information.

System requirements

Details regarding hardware and software requirements for IBM InfoSphere Information Server Enterprise Edition can be accessed via the product version specific link below.

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