Integrate your IMS applications into an SOA environment

IBM® IMS™ Enterprise Suite SOAP Gateway is an XML-based solution that enables your IBM IMS applications to communicate outside the IMS environment using SOAP, without requiring changes to your business logic. The solution helps you modernize and gain more value from your IMS assets, and is available at no cost.

IMS Enterprise Suite SOAP Gateway provides these features and benefits:

IMS Enterprise Suite SOAP Gateway resources

IBM IMS license holders can obtain IMS SOAP Gateway as part of the IBM IMS Enterprise Suite. Order IMS Enterprise Suite (PID 5655-TDA) from Shop zSeries.

If you have IBM API Management 3.0.1 or later, you can download a SOAP Gateway Technology Preview to publicize SOAP Gateway web services. The SOAP API demonstrated in the Technology Preview allows developers or mobile and cloud applications to discover and search for services that are deployed in SOAP Gateway. In addition to making these services more widely available, you can further use IBM API Management to manage developer access to these services and track the usage of your SOAP API.

This technology preview is based on IMS Enterprise Suite 3.1 and runs on Windows only.

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