Recognize written/oral interpretations of name data to fight threat and fraud

Global Name Scoring is a standalone bundle for clear text and phonology-oriented search and scoring of multicultural names in a database to provide the most likely variations. Names can be matched even if they are affected by typical spelling and cultural variations, related by sound but not by spelling, or damaged by spelling and typing errors. The vagueness and inexactness of transliteration and pronunciation can be overcome when working with the great variety of contrasting cultural naming patterns and styles of use around the globe.

Global Name Scoring improves the accuracy of name searching, transliteration, and the quality of identity verification initiatives by providing ranked search results, based on the linguistic, phonetic, and specific cultural variation patterns of names. It works from a knowledge base of information focused on the specific culture of a name and utilizes these rules associated with the names from that culture to perform the best matching and the best search results. Based on an industry-leading technology, it lets you search and recognize foreign names, screen potential threats, and perform background checks across multiple geographies and cultures.

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