Optimization model development toolkit for mathematical and constraint programming

IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio
Community Edition

IBM® ILOG® CPLEX® Optimization Studio is an analytical decision support toolkit for rapid development and deployment of optimization models using mathematical and constraint programming. It combines an integrated development environment (IDE) with the powerful Optimization Programming Language (OPL) and high-performance ILOG CPLEX optimizer solvers.

IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio enables you to:

IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio screenshots

Optimize your business decisions with high performance optimization engines

Develop and deploy optimization models quickly with flexible interfaces and deployment scenarios.

  • Connect an optimization model to real data and understand the potential of optimization to improve a business process.
  • Develop or prototype your optimization model in OPL, an algebraic modeling language that makes it easier to understand and see constraints, assumptions, goals and costs.
  • Deploy an optimization model in your applications using a large set of interfaces, programming languages or deployment scenarios. Deploy in Java, .net, C and C++ or with a client/server architecture.
  • Maintain your optimization models as your business processes evolve. Use built-in development tools for debugging, profiling, tuning and conflict detection.

Create real-world applications

Identify the most cost-effective solution for any planning and execution challenge

Leading companies leverage IBM CPLEX-powered optimization technology to compare and analyze new solutions against key performance indicators to identify the most cost-effective business solutions.

This graph shows how the IBM CPLEX Optimizer helps identify cost of the best solution while indicating whether or not there is any other solution with a lower cost. Only through optimization is it possible to quickly determine the cost-effectiveness of new solution scenarios against Key Performance Indicators.

Write clear and maintainable optimization models

Identify precisely which constraint and which data makes an optimization model infeasible

Launch and monitor your optimization models on IBM ILOG CPLEX Enterprise Server


Use Modeling Services


Create mathematical programming and constraint programming optimization models, selecting from a variety of approaches.


Validate and tune

Once the initial model is written, use model development services.


Access mathematical programming solvers and constraint programming solvers.

Solve Access mathematical programming solvers and constraint programming solvers.


Choose how to deploy the model.

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