Single point control for a range of service management functions

IBM® Service Management Suite for z/OS® offers a single point of control for systems management functions, such as visibility, control and automation, for many system elements. It spans both the hardware and software enterprise resources in an IBM systems complex.

IBM Service Management Suite for z/OS includes:

You can upgrade to IBM Service Management Suite for z/OS from any of the component products included the suite.

IBM Service Management Suite for z/OS provides:

Automation, network and systems management tools

Automation capabilities, application control

Performance and network management capabilities

IBM Service Management Unite

IBM® Service Management Suite for z/OS® V1.4.0 includes the following new and enhanced components:

IBM® Service Management Suite for z/OS® V1.3.0 includes the following new or enhanced components, including those to IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON® Performance Management Suite for z/OS:

IBM Service Management Unite V1.1 is a customizable dashboard for visibility and control of z Systems environments.

IBM Tivoli NetView for z/OS V6.2.1 provides management for business-critical IT network infrastructure. It helps manage mainframe systems, IP and SNA networks and the key services these systems and networks support.

OMEGAMON Performance Management Suite for z/OS for z/OS V5.3.1 helps manage performance and availability of IBM z/OS operating system, middleware, network and storage.

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