Automate to reduce errors and cut costs

Many of your partners will continue to rely on faxes for years to come. Eliminate paper and automate your end of the fax transaction with a reliable fax conversion service.

IBM Sterling Fax Conversion creates a single, streamlined process that combines human and artificial intelligence to do it all. Converts inbound faxes, email and postal mail to EDI or XML, detects and handles errors, minimizes human intervention and drives down costs. We also provide access to original documents throughout the process.

Sterling Fax Conversion Services increases efficiency and reduces errors among your trading partners that will continue to rely on faxes for years to come with capabilities that include:

Convert paper into electronic documents

For Fax-to-EDI conversion, fax images are processed through our character and keyword recognition software, and translated into data. Unrecognized characters are addressed manually, before receiving a second pass through the software. The data is then translated into EDI or XML. If a resolution cannot be reached, the document is processed according to predefined business rules.

Make it easy for your customers

Sterling Fax Conversion Services offers:

Reduce errors and their impact

Exception handling and image archive

Our exception handling process identifies issues, and allows you to address exceptions in orders before they hit your EDI system. After corrections are made, the order is placed back into the work flow process, and delivered to your mailbox for processing. If at any time during the exception handling process you need to view the original document, you can get an electronic copy to import into your image archive, or we can set up an archive at our site.

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